My name is Xingunita and this is my resume

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Hello everyone, my name is Xingunita League is a city in the development of high quality whether it is the first time to meet, or have known each other for a long time at the beginning of the New Year, please allow me to pass on a copy of my new resume please take care of yo ~ latest resume “Chinese name: Xingunita League telephone area code: 0482 Zip code: 137400 license plate code: Mongolian F government residence:My family members: Ulanhot, Alshan, Jalight Banner, Khorqin Right Front Banner, Tuquan County, Khorqin Right Middle Banner Address: in the northeast of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, in the transition zone from Greater Khingan Mountains to Songnen Plain.Area: nearly 60,000 square kilometers Household income: 60.179 billion YUAN (GDP of Xingan League in 2021) Population: 1.416 million (permanent population in the League as of November 2020)Department of Natural Resources of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region) My name is Xingunita League. This is my honorary proof. Do you know?I have won a lot of honors national National Unity and Progress Demonstration League National Ecological Civilization Construction Demonstration League National “clear waters and lush mountains are gold and silver mountains” Practice and innovation Base China grassland Ecological Rice Capital there are many more I will not list them all in a word beautiful mountains and clear waters drunk beautiful Xing ‘an my name is Xing ‘an Unita this is my incredible appearance levelInner Mongolia national liberation monument During China’s ulanhot river national wetland park Stretching over the white Wolf peak sea of clouds Zhalaite poplar ditch Right wing front banner were ulam hair grassland Old man mountain springs county Right banner in the maple ecological tourism scenic spot Utilize modern agricultural reclamation spit column Mao Du farm harvested My name is hinggan league It’s the best of my roast leg of lamb hot pot Old pot package fish dairy productsSticky wet skin of tofu Field treasures (potherb, black fungus mushroom, black pork, ribs) what is your speciality Welcome to leave a message below My name is hinggan league This is my hobby See ~ ulam animal husbandry riding team performance Listen to the ~ of the traditional repertoire To watch dawn flowers and swim ~ ~ tu springs county tianjiao day jun eco-tourism resort to play ~ stretching over ice and snow My name is hinggan leagueThis is my resume the blueprint for development has been outlined. The bugle for pursuing dreams has been played. In the New Year, Xingan League will pool all the great power of development to draw a splendid picture and write a magnificent chapter on this land of hope