La Liga: Real Mallorca VS Athletic Bilbao, the visitors are in high spirits for their second straight win!

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La Liga: Real Mallorca VS Athletic Bilbao, the visitors are in high spirits for their second straight win!04:00, February 15, 2022, Beijing time, the focus of the 2021-2022 La Liga round 24 match is about to kick off!Real Mallorca, whose form has been up and down recently, are at home to athletic Bilbao.Real Mallorca are the promoted team, the primary goal of this season is to avoid relegation, not too much thought!The visitors athletic Bilbao as a veteran team this season to get European qualification is still very difficult, but the current condition is good to be affirmed!So, whether real Mallorca can get all three points, let’s analyze one by one.Real Mallorca won 24, drew 10 and lost 8 last season, the same as Espanyol on 82 points, but second in The Spanish League on goal difference and successfully returned to la Liga.Real Mallorca’s priority for the new season must be to avoid relegation and stay in La Liga.Of course, this is not an easy task.In the new season, the team has 5 wins, 8 draws and 9 losses in the Spanish League table, with 23 points ranking the 17th in the league, which is still good in terms of the performance of the relegation team, but the team’s offensive firepower is average.In terms of the lineup, although the team scored many points but no absolute superstar, with the “Japanese Messi” known as the Long health English league so far only 1 goal into the account, the team is still relatively conservative, the current team’s top scorer Rodriguez only 3 goals 2 help the data into the account, the overall performance is general.Athletic Bilbao, traditionally a strong side in La Liga, has had a difficult season this season, with eight wins, 10 draws and five losses in the Spanish league table, ranking eighth in the league with 34 points.Investigate its reason, athletic Bilbao attack appeared very big problem, the team so far only 23 goals in the net, the average goal is less than 1, facing a serious forward weakness problem, but the defense is doing pretty good.Athletic Bilbao’s attacking team is based on veteran raul Garcia and Williams, who combined for eight goals, midfielder Munyain with two goals and five assists, and Sanchet with five goals and three assists.Coach Marcelino after the arrival of the team to see the attack or not a small promotion!At present, athletic Bilbao’s condition has improved significantly. In the past 5 rounds of matches, 3 wins and 2 draws have been achieved. However, it needs to take into account the cup and league, so the pressure of the two-line operation is quite big!Athletic Bilbao were the superior team in terms of strength, given a concession of -0.25 goal.Match prediction: Athletic Bilbao beat Real Mallorca.Recommended: Athletic Bilbao -0.25 goals