LPL playoff buzz?There are five teams on the advance list, and TES is not one of them

2022-06-06 0 By

Three games on the final day of week 5 of the 2022 LPL spring season mean that the current regular season schedule is halfway through.After the end of the first half of the competition, LNG, WBG and other teams in the standings have made significant improvements in their scores and performances.Many teams have been promoted to the top of the league through the transfer period, which has made the LPL competition even more intense this season. This spring tournament, which is only about the first half of the regular season, is considered to be one of the top three LPL games ever.After the fierce competition in the first five weeks, LPL’s standings have been relatively stable, with LNG, EDG and other strong teams leading the first tier, while OMG (6th) and AL (13th) are still trying to reach the playoff spot.Previous LPL regular season is generally 9 wins can lock out, with this reference combined with recent form and current record, there are five teams can be said to be a certainty.After the game between LNG and RNG in week 5, all the top four teams have won 7 games, while V5 has played 7 games with a record of 1 loss, and basically maintains this performance with 3 more wins to advance to the playoffs.Based on the record of the top five teams and the difficulty of their subsequent schedule, they have already advanced to the playoffs.TES, considered the Galaxy before the start of the season and favored by LPL viewers, is not only not on the list to advance to the playoffs, but also a question mark for the playoffs.After winning two straight games recently, they are 4-4.In the following 8 games, they will face EDG, WBG and other top teams, which will be a big test for them.It’s a safe bet that the LPL playoffs will be lively this year as the number of competitive teams increases.The V5, BLG, LNG and WBG teams will all be strengthened, and this LPL playoff will undoubtedly become more exciting and more intense under the strong competition.What did the Internet think of it?Share your thoughts in the comments section below.