LNG has won five consecutive games, V5 has won three consecutive games, LPL’s winning teams in spring are only 3 teams left!

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Hi, everyone. I am the “OV talk game” where I can beat and lose more than anyone every day.Today is the penultimate match day of LPL spring tournament before the Spring Festival holiday, and both matches are full of BO3.Both LNG and WBG defeated FPX and V5 “2 to 1”, with LNG winning the “5 in a row” of spring races, while V5 was snapped up by 3 in a row!From the current standings, there are only 3 teams left with a 100 percent record in the spring, namely EDG, LNG and BLG.Of course, these three teams are also the best performers in the first three weeks of the spring season, so they can go into the holiday with an unbeaten record. I believe they will have a good year, haha ~WBG won a little hard.Although V5 has won 3 in a row before, in fact their 3 in a row is not worth much.Among them, WE is currently at the bottom of the team, RA is in the middle and lower reaches of the strength of the team, only TES has strong strength but not good performance in the early spring competition, the team has obvious problems.So I thought it was going to be a “crushing game” compared to the strong WBG, but WBG actually fought back and forth with V5.Early in the spring, there were reports that some of the biggest teams were “buying the wrong players” during the transfer period and that “a lot of teams were having problems with the fit”.Judging by the closing three weeks of the competition, that seems to be true.Many of the strong teams that were widely favored before the game not only failed to play a dominant game, but were often overwhelmed by the weaker teams.However, considering that many teams are newly reorganized, some problems are understandable.But if the end of the year over or no improvement, some of the team’s high transfer fee is afraid to become the audience mouth of the “terrier”!The game between LNG and FPX is getting a lot of attention, not to mention the fact that LNG’s middle team Doinb is facing his old team, LNG itself is one of the most promising teams this year, and many review sites even rated them as the top three teams in LPL this year.FPX, on the other hand, experienced the defeat of S11, but after a complete reorganization, they showed a “true phoenix rising from the ashes” posture, from the Beginning of the German Cup to the spring tournament, the performance was extremely strong, but for their current Gori performance has been inconsistent, the current FPX team is no weaker than the last team.However, LNG outscored FPX 2-1, proving that the new FPX will have to work hard to get back into the top tier.LNG has won 5 consecutive games and is currently one game ahead of EDG at the top of the spring championship.However, in the next year, LNG’s schedule is not so optimistic. They will have to play BLG and RNG successively. If LNG can survive these tests, then they will become the biggest competitors of S11 champion EDG in the LPL spring tournament.The final prediction is the two races on the 27th and then the last two races on the 27th will go into the holiday season, and the spring season will not open again until February 10th.There should be no suspense about TES to OMG in the two games tomorrow. After all, THE hard power of TES problem is placed here. If it really loses to OMG, it shows that the problem of TES is far more than what we saw before.RNG vs BLG as the last game before the Spring Festival, is also one of the focus of the most attention.Personally, I am more optimistic that BLG will win. First, BLG also keeps a record of three wins, so there is no doubt about its status.Second, RNG’s running-in seems to have some problems, before the basic victory is by personal strength barely won.So their game is going to be a BLG win, but it’s going to be a little bit tight, full BO3.Finally kneel beg everybody big guy “long press point praise, one key three even”, also can click “author’s head picture” add a concern.I am OV said game, thank you for watching.For more exciting content, come to the OV said games