Han Cong/Sui Wenjing open relationship, domineer response scoring, why two people did not issue gold dun dun?

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Late February 19, Olympic figure skating pairs game ended, the Chinese team Han Cong/SuiWenJing combination with excellent performance, three of the Russian Olympic team beat strong combination, the final championship, the Chinese team won 9 gold MEDALS in the Olympics, this historic to third in the medal table.Sui broke down in tears of joy after finishing the competition, as the pair have been pairing since 2007, when Sui was just 12 and Han was 15.Two people in addition to their own life, the rest of the time all together, so that two people have more than friendship like friendship.The Beijing Olympics is their best chance to win the gold medal, which they missed by 0.43 points in the Pyeongchang Olympics four years ago.So when they completed all the movements perfectly, Sui completely lost control of herself, shedding tears of emotion and hugging Han Cong tightly.At the moment when the final score was announced, the two of them hugged each other again, tears and sweat mixed together. Recalling the ups and downs of the past 15 years, it was not easy for Han Cong and Sui Wenjing to finally realize their dream with an Olympic gold medal.After winning the gold medal, the biggest concern of the outside world is whether they can really go together.Because the vast majority of figure skating pairs combination can happily together finally, our country the first a pair of Olympic figure skating skating champion combination shen xue/zhao hongbo is finally walked into the wedding hall, and received a lot of fans blessing, so the outside world is also very hope Han Cong/SuiWenJing can happy together.After the award ceremony, when asked about their relationship, Sui replied: “We are good friends all the time. We encourage each other. If we get a result and a goal we want, I think we are perfect partners.”Han cong then said: “There are more fetters. After so many years, there are more staff together, and we are more like a family together.We help each other, have each other, thank each other, and support each other.Our relationship is…….”In han cong’s words before finishing, Sui wenjing said: “Our relationship is a good friend, a good bestie.”It can be said that all people after hearing two people’s answer, the in the mind are a little lost, anyway, now two people have won the Olympic gold medal, this Olympic gold medal is the best gift for two people to accompany 15 years of training.And after the game, there are a lot of foreign media questioned Han Cong/SuiWenJing was able to get the champion, there is a certain relationship with the host, the referee on the grading has certain tilt, Han Cong hear such question, calm, but do not break domineering replied: “we challenge the difficulty, around the pitch without twisting around other pairs of challenge.If a game is scored unfairly and has problems, you can’t compare it.Pyeongchang, we got a very close score.Should we question the referee in Pyeongchang?Judges have their own rules, and they give scores based on various criteria such as the height of the jump.Han Cong’s answer won the applause and applause of the people in the venue, but also let the foreigners who doubted their victory completely shut up.Maybe everyone has a question, that is why han Cong/Sui Wenjing after last night’s podium, did not get Jin Dun Dun?In fact, last night’s top three teams are jin Doundwen, but because the award square will be closed tonight, so the medal ceremony of figure skating pair skating will be held directly in the capital Gymnasium, and the first time after the award ceremony of Jin Doundwen can not be carried out.They will be in later hair gold dun dun, however, they lack a podium and bing Dun dun photo, this point does have some regrets, but for the “green bucket” combination, the Olympic champion has no regrets!Bless them!