China should be wary of the US semiconductor giant’s plan to dismantle its research center in China and take away dozens of talents

2022-06-06 0 By

The semiconductor industry is regarded as one of the focal points of competition among the great powers in the world, and China, as one of the great powers, will not lag behind in this aspect.However, in China’s current situation, chip shortage is one of the problems, but more serious and tense than this problem is the huge gap of Semiconductor talent in China.According to relevant data, by 2023, China’s IC talent gap will reach 200,000.This shows that in this area, China’s science and technology talent is indeed quite short.But the United States has seized on China’s development dilemma as if it were an opportunity.Micron, the US semiconductor giant, announced earlier that it would officially shut down its DRAM design business in Shanghai by the end of 2022.Although the company’s statement went out of its way to stress that only the design department, rather than the entire Shanghai research and development center, was being dismantled, it stressed that the testing and sales departments would continue to operate normally.However, most people know that the professional name of the DRAM design team that was disbanded was “Semiconductor Memory,” which was the core of the company. Once the team was disbanded, the Shanghai R&D center lost its soul and completely disappeared in name only.The subsequent media exposure said that micron’s dissolution of DRAM was not what we generally understand.The company offers its 150 employees immigration privileges that allow them to move to the United States or India with their families, according to people familiar with the matter.And it is understood that 40 key members of the team will also have American green cards.Why did Micron make this sudden move?It is widely analyzed that the U.S. technology industry has gradually felt that its competitive advantage in the semiconductor industry has been weakened due to China’s continuous promotion of the semiconductor industry, and that it may have made such an unreasonable choice in order to prevent technology leakage and brain drain.Of course, they need to be especially wary of the influx of semiconductor professionals to contribute to the development of the industry in China.Over the years, in addition to Micron, many other American companies have made similar monopolies. They have been building technological barriers with China, trying to keep China out of the track of scientific and technological development.In this situation, China’s semiconductor industry and what way out?Some experts mentioned that the most urgent task for China at present is to shorten the birth cycle of talents in the chip field and improve the quality of training of talents in the chip field.Only when we cultivate a large number of semiconductor talents, we will not be afraid of the technology monopoly or suppression initiated by the United States or other Western countries. Therefore, China still needs to focus on the cultivation of talents at this stage.Some references: overseas network, China economic network, national Defense Times