“Business establishment” five insurance two gold!Direct interview!Heihe Recruitment 198 people (including teaching posts)

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Education Requirements: Graduates with bachelor degree or above, bachelor degree or abovePrevious graduates of Harbin Normal University (current staff and teachers of special posts are not included in heihe area).The interview is conducted by direct interview and structured interview, focusing on testing the comprehensive analysis, communication and coordination, logical thinking, language expression, strain control and other abilities of the candidates, as well as their professional ability and quality.Application time: from now on until full enrollment Requirements: Master degree or above preliminary examination: Each employer will screen the resumes of the applicants according to the recruitment conditions, and organize the preliminary examination strictly in accordance with the recruitment plan of the department.Second interview: the second interview mainly takes the form of trial speaking, professional questions and answers to the candidates for examination.1. Comprehensive income is leading in the industry in the same region, and full salary for winter and summer holidays.2. Pay five insurances and two housing funds (endowment insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, maternity insurance, work-related injury insurance, housing accumulation fund and enterprise annuity).3. High performance bonus, holiday benefits, meal allowance, heating allowance, free shuttle bus, annual health check.