After learning the exam, more than 50 high-rise property staff fire skills have been improved

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Speaker: Zhang Yandong (cadre of Fire rescue Brigade of Jinzhong Development Zone) Time: March 28, 2022 Morning Venue: Fire Rescue Brigade of Development Zone Audience: more than 50 people Subject:Control room staff business skills training in order to further strengthen the district high-rise residential fire safety management level, improve the jurisdiction high-rise building from personnel of course of fire control safety consciousness, enhancing the fire prevention and control capabilities, solid high-rise building comprehensive management work, on March 28, 50 XuanJiangDui jinzhong city fire safety organization high-rise building property management staff,Carry out fire safety training and control room staff skills training, spare no effort to prevent and curb high-rise building fire accidents.This training is mainly carried out in the way of “discussion training, face-to-face practical operation guidance”.Combined with the recent national high-rise building fire accident closely around the key unit and the actual situation of high-rise buildings, Zhang Yandong for daily check found in fire control room personnel operating procedures are not familiar with, fires in the early treatment of errors and system fault disposal, fire safety responsibility system to carry out the common problems such as an explanation.Zhang Yandong demonstrated how to use automatic fire fighting facilities for fire fighting and rescue, organized participants to take turns in the field operation, tested the knowledge and skills they had mastered, and conducted “one to one” error correction guidance for operators of different units.Period, the trainees will fire fighting and rescue in a heated debate how to correct use of automatic fire control facilities, Zhang Yandong field solve participants in the control room equipment in actual use of the common problems, timely eliminate the misunderstanding and blind area, keep the current and future of fire rescue workers of fire fighting and rescue work has played a positive role in guiding to promote.”The training content is rich, close to reality, targeted strong, practical strong, so that we further master the fire control room related equipment operation method, for the future work to lay a solid foundation.”A participant said.(Jinzhong Fire Safety publicity team 1648) (Jinzhong fire safety publicity team appointment hotline: 0354-119) Jinzhong fire, is always your reliable safety backing……Coordinator/Review: Zhang Zhenhua/Han Rui Editor/proofread: Yang Xinlu writing/photography: Li Aixin