2022 Spring Festival Reunion held in Jilin Province

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Taurus head out of the old year, tiger prance in the New Year.As the Spring Festival approaches, the earth of Jilin is filled with a festive and auspicious atmosphere.On January 28, the CPC Central Committee and the provincial government held the 2022 Spring Festival Reunion meeting in Changchun.All sectors of the province gathered together to send best wishes to each other and celebrate the New Year.Provincial Party Secretary Jing Junhai delivered a speech.Deputy secretary of the provincial Party Committee, governor Han Jun presided over.Provincial CPPCC Chairman Jiang Zelin attended.On January 28, the CPC Central Committee and the provincial government held the 2022 Spring Festival Reunion meeting in Changchun.Provincial Party Secretary Jing Junhai attended and delivered a speech.JingJunHai on behalf of the provincial party committee, provincial government, to the masses of workers, peasants and intellectuals and party members and cadres, to kyrgyzstan’s people’s liberation army, armed police, public security, police and fire rescue personnel, to various democratic parties, federations, people’s organizations and friends from all walks of life, to the concern and support the development of the revitalization of jilin Hong Kong and Macao compatriots, the Taiwan compatriots, overseas Chinese and international friends,Warm greetings and best wishes for the New Year!Jing junhai said with deep feeling that the year 2021, which has just passed, is a very extraordinary and unusual year.In the past year, we fully implemented the guiding spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech during his visit to Jilin province, worked pragmatically and innovatively, overcome difficulties, and pushed jilin’s all-round revitalization in the new era to a new level.In the past year, we have joined hands with the Party and turned the pride and ambition displayed in the centenary of the party’s founding into a powerful driving force for our work and entrepreneurship, thus instilling in Jilin a strong voice of staying true to our original aspiration, keeping our mission firmly in mind and making unremitting efforts.In the past year, we have worked closely together to achieve the goal of ensuring economic growth, ensuring economic growth, and leading the way. We have fully implemented the high-quality development strategy of “one major development initiative, six double development projects”, vigorously developed the “six new industries”, and accelerated the construction of the “four new facilities”. As a result, we have maintained a good momentum of strengthening, improving, and improving the quality of products while maintaining stability.In the past year, we, together with the Bureau of Innovation, have opened up new horizons by emancipating our minds, deepening reform, changing our work style, and paying close attention to implementation.In the past year, we worked together to protect our homeland, accelerate the building of a strong ecological province, build Jilin into a model of a beautiful province, and promote the harmonious coexistence between man and nature.In the past year, we worked together to ensure people’s wellbeing and carried out the campaign of “Doing Practical things for the People”. As a result, the people have gained a greater sense of gain, happiness and security.Jing junhai stressed that time belongs to those who struggle and history belongs to those who struggle.This year, we will celebrate the 20th National Congress of the CPC, a major event in the political life of the Party and the country.It is of great significance to do our work well this year. We must maintain the high-spirited attitude of striving with me and in Jilin, and strive tenaciously and unremittingly for the future together.We will unswervingly maintain steady economic growth, continue to work to ensure that the economy performs within an appropriate range, and ensure that the economy performs in a six-pronged manner.We should unswervingly promote scientific and technological innovation, focus on building innovation-oriented provinces, and speed up efforts to transform advantages in humanities, science and education into industrial, development and competitive advantages.We should unswervingly deepen reform and opening up, continue to deepen reform of the business system, continue to improve the business environment, and carry out the “five cooperation initiatives” in a pragmatic manner to bring full vitality to all types of market players.Will unswervingly promote the well-being of the people’s livelihood, the people satisfied not satisfied, happy is not happy, promise not promise as a starting point and foothold of all work, solid “at the grassroots level construction year” activities, the heart with love hard to solve people’s worry about things, trouble, heart, led the entire province people toward common prosperity goal solid.Jing junhai asked that to do a good job in this year’s work, the whole province needs to work with one mind, one mind in the goal and one mind in the action.The party should adhere to and strengthen its overall leadership, consolidate and develop the broadest possible patriotic united front, draw together the strong will of all people with one heart and one mind, evoke the spirit of unremitting struggle and express the strong feelings of the tiger and tiger, highly riring and vigorous, and strive to advance bravely towards the goal of “two guarantees and one lead the way”.At the party, artists and artists gave wonderful performances.Attending the party were:Present leading comrades at the provincial level, the original old comrades at the provincial level in long heads troops and armed police corps deputy heads above head, secretary-general of the provincial standing committee, the provincial government, vice-governor, various democratic parties, federations at the provincial level, and independent representative personage, head, and in the long part of the 19th congress, the people’s congress, CPPCC, labor model, YingMo and family members of heroes,Literary and art circles, sports circles, ethnic minorities, compatriots from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, returned overseas Chinese and their families, descendants of General Yang Jingyu, etc.