Zhongguancun latest announcement: Doduo Pharmaceutical amphenol tramadol tablets consistency evaluation application received the State Medical Products Administration “Acceptance Notice”

2022-06-05 0 By

Zhongguancun announced, the wholly-owned subsidiary Duoduo Pharmaceutical received, sFDA issued the consistency evaluation of amphenol tramadol tablets “acceptance notice”.Zhongguancun main business: the company’s business is mainly divided into biomedicine, personal care products, pension services and other businesses.Biomedicine includes chemical drugs and Traditional Chinese medicine, mainly engaged in the development, manufacturing and sales of external preparations, tablets, injections, apis, capsules, oral solutions, granules, narcotic drugs and second-class psychotropic drugs;Drug preclinical research service and drug consistency evaluation research service;Personal care products mainly include oral cleaning products sales;The elderly services mainly include centralized elderly care services, home-based elderly care services, health management, health consulting, preventive health consulting and traditional Chinese medicine medical services.Other businesses mainly include property management, catering, accommodation, manufacture and sale of commercial concrete and cement products, investment and other businesses of the company that are not classified into biomedicine, personal care products and old-age services. The chairman of the company is Xu Zhongmin.Mr. Xu Zhongmin, born in November 1965, is currently chairman of the Board of our company and chief strategist of Zoono.com Group Co., LTD. (Hong Kong Stock Code :08172, hereinafter referred to as zoono.com).He successively served as chairman of the decision-making Committee of Jiaxuan Investment Co., LTD., chairman of the board and senior consultant of the company, founder and chairman of Beijing Jingwen Record Communication Co., LTD.The above content is compiled by Securities Star according to public information, if you have any questions, please contact us.