What do you see in the understated, tiny cauldron of Beijing 2022?

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The highly anticipated 24th Winter Olympic Games kicked off at the National Stadium, the Bird’s Nest, in Beijing on Feb 4, 2022.People around the world watching the opening ceremony are probably like me, expecting the cauldron to be lit in a way that has never been done before or since, and to be spectacular.But when the last torchbearers inserted their flaming torches into the snowflake center of all the participating nations, we were reminded: Oh!The opening ceremony of the world games was a low-key affair.On second thought, it goes far beyond conveying understatement.This little torch, placed in the place of the main torch, conveys environmental protection, technology, humility and awe to the world.The torch is fueled by space material hydrogen, which is green, environmentally friendly and pollution-free.But the fuel for hand-held torches faces many technical challenges, such as hydrogen, which is flammable, explosive, leaky and difficult to control.No previous Winter Olympics had successfully used hydrogen as fuel for the flame, but Beijing had no problem using the first hydrogen torch in history.So far, the Olympic torch fuel from the original magnesium block, propane, and now hydrogen, magnificently achieved pollution-free and zero carbon emissions!Mercilessly reflects the green environmental protection technology of the Beijing Winter Olympics.Yes, seize every opportunity to declare to the world: we want gold and silver mountains, but also clear waters and green mountains!A small, delicate and festive torch powered by hydrogen, how to keep the flame alive in the harsh outdoor environment of the northern Winter?The same as the requirements of the space field, the torch of the Winter Olympic Games has a very high requirement for fuel cost. How to ensure that hydrogen does not leak in the process of transportation and transmission?In the absence of a flame that shoots out like a rocket engine, the team needed to work on both practical and aesthetic challenges.Hydrogen to achieve from the application to the application of the Olympic torch in the field of aerospace and space technology group (Beijing) and six by six yuan, 11 yuan of 101 torch development team, after about two years of technical research, finally solved the hydrogen in the torch burning safety, and solves the complex surface hydrogen flame visibility, adaptability, large scale relief, a lot of problems, such as hydrogen storage, therefore,The torch has good environmental adaptability.Of course, it also shows the scientific and technological strength of our country to the world, and will also promote the use and promotion of hydrogen technology at home and even around the world.Speculation about the torch ended when the last torchbearer inserted the flaming torch into the snowflake center of all the participating nations.Yes, the two torchbearers hand in hand to place the last torch firmly on the main torch, is so gentle and humble!After the ups and downs of reform and opening-up, China has experienced various tests from all over the world, and the people of the motherland have become more confident with the gradual strengthening of the motherland.Such confidence comes from our great motherland, from our culture of thousands of years, and from our determination to live in peace with the world.No longer need to enter the world vision of the kind of publicity to attract the world’s eye.If We compare China to a human being at the moment, then China, just entering the world’s horizon, is like a young man in his early thirties, seizing every opportunity he can to let others know what he has and what he has in the most high-profile way possible.China, on the road to great renewal, is more like a man in his 40s who has learned to turn inward and is more humble in his approach to people.It doesn’t matter if others know who I am, what THEY know I can do, or what they know I have. What matters is that I know who I am, I know what I can do, AND I know what I have, and I can steadily improve myself and be myself.The Olympic flame is not flamboyant or flamboyant, but runs straight from the last leg.This makes people see the wisdom of the Chinese people to get along with the world under the influence of five thousand years of Chinese culture, which is “Tao”.In the second chapter of Laozi’s Tao Te Ching, it is said, “Existence and existence are mutually dependent, difficulty and ease are mutually dependent, length and length are mutually dependent, high and low are mutually dependent, sound and sound are mutually dependent, and constant!”This is the wisdom that our forefathers taught us to get along with the world. We should always follow the tao, which is the law.All things are interchangeable, and it is the interchangeable nature of all things that keeps the balance of the world.Back to our little torch, just as the content of the second chapter of Tao Te Ching mentioned above, the relationship between the big and the small is also mutual transformation and checks and balances.Big, not necessarily really big;Small, not necessarily really small.Since the outbreak of COVID-19 at the end of 2019, people around the world have been continuously fighting a small virus for two years without winning the final victory.Man is just a speck of dust in front of nature and universe ecology.It may be, say, a small novel Coronavirus, that causes panic and sustained collective fighting.Therefore, in front of nature and ecology, human beings should maintain a heart of awe, so that they can coexist with the world for a long time.Zhang director to a small torch as the main torch show to the world, is really advanced Chinese wisdom!Use it to call on mankind to Revere nature and coexist harmoniously with the universe.The Olympic torch in Beijing