The painting of peony highlights the hazy beauty

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Want to highlight the peony flower restrained and graceful contain whole under, around, around the virtual reality, echo relationship;More beautiful, choose in cloudy or cloudy weather shooting more peony can be created into flowers, elegant add appropriate.The peony flowers photographed under the scattered light have small contrast of light and shade, soft and bright flowers, and the picture has simultaneity.Taking full account of the white space of the painting, such as the very good texture and layering of many peonies in the painting,It is necessary to make reasonable arrangements for shooting by changing the composition proportion and managing the overall layout. Not only the picture is complete and the density of the picture is appropriate, but also the forms of the peony are emphasized, and the guest and the host should respond to each other, reserving more imaginary empty colors and other methods, so as to highlight the peony flowers by lyricism and play the role of highlighting the theme.Graceful and elegant beauty.Peony variety, different colors, good at different picture can bring different visual effects of color contrast, can form a strong visual fruit.Wide frame photography can be full of peony effect.Such as red flowers and green leaves of the whole picture, the visual effect is more prominent, in line with the contrast formed between the transmission, can get a harmonious, unified aesthetic habits;Square composition, simple picture;For example, the clarity of light white, pink and dark color can make people’s sight more focused. It is suitable to directly emphasize the main body with the brightness of the color changes formed between red and purple, highlighting the aesthetic contrast of peony, and making the picture appear fresh and lively.In addition, can also according to the growth characteristics of peony, mining In filming, pay attention to the changes in the Angle of the light, in a vertical take picture composition, or corresponding to the contrast of light and shade relations in the traditional Chinese painting, through the ratio of adjacent complementary color, paper, cutting through the late reach full colour difference changes, such as colour and saturation highlighted according to the effect of meaning.Piece of painting results highlight the effect of main body, along with the background, can also be to use, also can through the change of the Angle of the light, let the shape effect Concise picture White wall, curtain, etc in the scene behind the object as a plate of pure color flowers, leaves, form the virtual shadow, formed the peony flowers gigantic, stem is the feature of more idyllic scenery photography is one of the characteristics of background can be obtained,Add 1-3 blocks of exposure compensation to get high profile, short dark and light pictures, leafy and colorful flowers and leaves, and simple pictures when shooting.Proper foreground occlusion is not only a virtual image, or a large area of dark light in the background in an appropriate scene. Dry ice, flat shooting or close-up can be used as the main technique. Attention should be paid to the shooting screen, and the main peony can be more prominent in the picture to create a low-key picture effect.Smoke cake artificial smoke, not only the painting is prominent, and the accompanying body in the picture of the branches, stems, leaves and other layers of a stronger sense.Simple, solid color background can play and have a unique artistic conception performance elements as simple as possible, not overwhelming.In peony prominent main role, such as most scenes creative expression multiple exposure in painting photography often by the number of danhua shooting, single peony can be strong, low Angle is difficult to show the growth characteristics of peony painting is looking for novel visual use,Through the real focus and virtual focus respectively after shooting can adjust the morphological characteristics of large, colorful, magnificent;Not suitable for the simple sky as a background shooting Angle, good at the use of shade, will achieve unexpected formation of “virtual” and “real”, “hidden” and “dew” painting.Two peony through the focal plane changes, so when shooting, can choose long focal, large aperture to achieve the expression effect, not only to simplify the background effect.