The car broke down on the way to see the doctor

2022-06-05 0 By

On February 1, on the first day in the afternoon, outside the qinzhou west toll plaza, a woman from the car down, hurriedly ran to the guangxi seven high-speed traffic police brigade police room find police are on duty, extremely anxiously said: “comrade, help my child,” when I saw that, the Wang Dawei police on duty and auxiliary police Wu Lizhi immediately come forward to look at it.After inquiring, we learned that the original vehicle was faulty and could not be started. Since we could not contact other vehicles to send children to see a doctor during the Chinese New Year, we sought the help of the police.Seeing this situation, the police immediately let the child and the woman together on the police car, open the green channel, escort two people to qinzhou City First People’s Hospital.After arriving at the hospital, the woman expressed her gratitude to the police with tears of gratitude.