“Notice” Baigou Anhuili // how about?How much is the room?

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Anhuili commercial center baptised baigou whole market, 7599/㎡ with decoration what do you think?Anhui li is located in baigou New urban area, east one ring Street east side road.The project is close to subway, park, high-speed rail, bus terminal and expressway.The open community is located in the commercial complex, known as the largest CBD in Xiongbei.Anhuili is the first phase of the development project, a total of eight buildings, building 2 and building 3 are mainly for sale now.Housing is the most precious!With central Park and hanging Gardens, the project is also one of the best living experiences.Within 15KM of the project, you can enjoy all the supporting facilities and dividends of Xiongan New Area, and it is also the gathering place of spillover enterprises and talents of Xiongan New Area!Rendering.