“Life and Death are Wearing me out” helps me dissolve the hatred of a book, in extreme pain is the ability to laugh

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For a while, MY mood was very low, always thinking about the past some grievances and at a loss, fell into a very painful situation.Fortunately, I happened to have a book in my hand, life and Death are Wearing Me out by Mo Yan.When I’m not happy, I read it, and when I’m not happy, I read a few chapters like this.This book accompanied me through a lot of sleepless nights, helpless when grievance sad, at a loss of pain stage.What is good writing?Different people may have different standards, but for me, a good book is one that can be read continuously and enlighten the current life.I gave Five stars to Mo Yan’s Life and Death are Wearing Me out. It is said that the Judges of the Nobel Prize for Literature also awarded Mo Yan the prize for reading this book.On the cover, there is a line that says, “Laugh out in the midst of great pain, and find inner relief.”This is the hero Simon make samsara journey, but also in the world tens of thousands of people experience pain in life, at a loss, the road ahead of the redemption guide.The beginning of the grievance story that west door makes is one, landlord West door makes by injustice after death, he is not reconciled all the time, no matter how the god of the underworld guides him, feel him good injustice namely, he wants to ask for a justice namely.Let me see the past a certain stage of their own, is to feel wronged, very injustice, why do you treat me like that?It really brought up a lot of the feelings of helplessness and anger that I had at that time.It is amazing that when I saw the protagonist’s vent that kind of emotion, with mo Yan’s pen bit by bit after writing out, MY own inner grievance and anger.Actually gradually faded away.This is why I always open “Life and Death are Wearing Me Out” to taste the story when I feel low or at a loss. The helpless emotions and unclear grievances in the heart can be resolved in the author’s words.Think of this world who have no grievances ah, always holding their grievances do not put that injustice is more and more big.As West door make devote oneself to be donkey cow pig dog monkey, he once injustice dead of that grievance becomes more and more small, more and more small, finally calculate.When he stopped caring about those grievances, he was finally reincarnated as a human being.What can dissolve hatred is love. I read the comments. Someone said that after being reincarnated, he should not continue to avenge himself?In blue face actually when the setting that says master injustice is dead and west door make wife Bai shi’s mouth, had expressed west door to make injustice is dead heart-ache, probably be in oneself most close person’s mouth, after the value that can see oneself more, the complaint that west door makes, also gradually dissipated.What can dissolve hatred is never stronger power or more powerful oppression, but heartfelt understanding and real sight. Even if nothing can be changed, it can dissolve the iceberg in my heart.When I see the soul that west door makes, saw the fatigue of life and death that blue face 3 generations experience with the Angle of view of animal, love love after all, hate hate after all, fall fall after all, dry after all, after relieved everything I shed tears unexpectedly.Perhaps only after experiencing extreme grievance and depression, can we feel that kind of relaxation at the moment when we put it down completely. That kind of freedom is like a bird flying into the sky, but without pressure. It is like a cloud, relaxed and blooming in the sky without restraint.A tear, is a kind of celebration, a kind of praise, is a kind of time, to their own redemption, more like a medal, the interpretation of all the past experience.The real courage is to see the truth of life, still love life, with the news of reincarnation, reincarnation, is the interpretation of this sentence.Mo Yan himself said: it is not easy to live and humor is priceless.Laughing out loud in extreme pain is a skill. I forget who said it. As long as you can laugh, it’s not a problem.In this book, the most exciting is that I see his reincarnation as a donkey of that time, see is his wife Bai Shi was tortured when the pain, he can not stand, took out his stubborn donkey temper kicked over all bondage.His heart was filled with two voices, one was the voice of grievances made by Simon, and one was the inner strength of a normal donkey.That may be a kind of smile, in the extreme pain and helplessness, he laughed out loud in a donkey way, ended the interrogation of Bai Shi.I really want to be when oneself be wronged of time, immanent also have a kind of donkey strength, have no scruples, no matter what, I want to make a hanchang dripping li.But I’m not a donkey, and I don’t have that strength, but watching that strength does release a lot of inner desire and pressure, and it’s a lot of fun.When he is the west door make master of time, will think of past enmity affection enemy, when he lives in the present, with a male donkey Angle to request his time, he just want to fall in love.It’s so much like our current life, where we have an ideal self that wants to do what we want, but at the same time, it’s tied down by the present, it’s weighed down by the past.It was the first time for me to read Mo Yan’s words so carefully, so clever, so humorous, so deep, so meaningful.Whether human or animal, as long as you can laugh in your own way, to be able to deal with the present in your own way, it is a skill, a liberation, a release.If there are two of my books to survive, ‘Life and Death are Wearing Me Out’ is definitely one of them, Mo said.With 430,000 words and 567 pages, Mo said it took him 43 days to write the story, which had been in his head for 43 years.I am very grateful that at this time, I encountered Teacher Mo Yan’s work, which gave me great courage and strength and gave me the motivation to move forward when I was helpless and confused for countless sleepless nights.All experience is wealth, losers look back, winners look forward, no matter you struggle, resist or embrace, warm embrace, the wheel of time is always rolling forward.Do what you should do at the moment, happily do what you should do at the moment, go all out to face the people and things at the moment, the rest to time, time will give the most appropriate answer.If you still have some people and things, tangled past, might as well take a look at the teacher Mo Yan’s life and death fatigue, hard time, life and death are tired, open after life and death is not tired.