Li Chuntian attended the discussion of yangxin delegation and Wudi delegation

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In the morning of February 18, Li Chuntian discussed the municipal Committee report and the work report of the Municipal Commission for Discipline inspection with representatives in yangxin delegation.Zheng Lingjian, Song Quanxing and other 5 representative speeches, talked about understanding experience.Chun-tian li pointed out that the municipal party committee work report objectively summarizes the work over the past five years, clearly put forward the grand goal of building “a higher level, strong binzhou”, is a clear-cut stand about politics “its”, reforming and then starting of the mobilization order, rushed forward courageously ACTS as a “road map”, for “assembly” of the good service of the people,It is a good report that gathers people, gathers strength and boosts morale.We must study and understand the spirit of the report and unswervingly implement it.Li Chuntian pointed out that in recent years, yangxin county, the work of the sound and brilliant, the results are obvious to all.He hoped yangxin county in the next step of work, the spirit of the Party congress into action, reflected in the development of quality and efficiency.We should take the lead in accelerating industrial development, base ourselves on advantageous industries such as deep processing of aluminum and new energy and new materials, keep a close eye on the industrial chain and main enterprises of the chain, attract projects, expand investment, do a good job in extending, reinforcing and strengthening the chain, and expand the total economic aggregate as soon as possible.We need to take the lead in rural revitalization. We need to plan and implement initiatives, projects, and projects that will lead to rural revitalization. We need to improve and strengthen industries with local characteristics, such as eco-beef cattle and Yangxin yali pears, speed up the development of beautiful and livable villages, and comprehensively promote the five major revitalization initiatives.We need to take the lead in improving people’s wellbeing, strengthen areas of weakness, help those in need of support, and strengthen institutional mechanisms. We need to strictly implement ethnic policies, promote ethnic unity and progress, increase urban and rural incomes, and promote common prosperity.It is necessary to take the lead in the construction of cadres’ style, combine with the discussion of “Shandong goes ahead, how binzhou does” to emancipate the mind, focus on strengthening the construction of ideological style and grassroots organization, comprehensively improve the quality and ability of cadres, and provide a strong guarantee for the construction of a higher level of strength and prosperity of Binzhou.On the afternoon of February 18th, Li Chuntian went to wudi delegation to discuss with them the report of the Municipal Committee of CPC and the work report of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection.After listening to wang Tigong, Shang Yuchang and other five representatives to speak, Li Chuntian said, the municipal committee of the report highlights, sonorous and powerful, inspiring, inspiring, after listening to the feeling of spirit, one of the bright.The work report system of the municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection summarized the work results, made clear the target, put forward suggestions, and highlighted the determination to correct the wind, discipline and anti-corruption.We must study and understand the two reports in depth and carry them out.Li Chuntian pointed out that wudi county’s economic and social development in recent years has high quality, great potential, and sufficient momentum, and its achievements deserve full recognition.The next step is to make breakthroughs in improving the industrial innovation ability, adhere to the “strong industrial county”, continue to pressure on advantageous industries, break new paths in modern Marine economy, speed up the development of characteristic industries such as culture and tourism.It is necessary to make breakthroughs in improving the competitiveness of the county, promote the “second entrepreneurship” of the industrial park, build a high-end chemical park of 100 billion yuan and a fine chemical base of 10 billion yuan, seize the opportunity to build an integrated base of scenery and storage in north Shandong salt and alkali beach, and promote the rapid rise of new energy equipment manufacturing industry cluster.We need to make breakthroughs in boosting support for urban and rural areas, do a good job in infrastructure development, plan a number of major and high-quality projects in advance, steadily advance the building of beautiful and livable villages, and consolidate and upgrade our experience in improving rural latrics and building “four good rural roads” to set a good example on the road to common prosperity.We need to make breakthroughs in ensuring people’s wellbeing. We need to make policies more focused on improving people’s wellbeing, make financial resources more favorable, and provide services that cover them. We need to vigorously develop e-commerce in rural areas, speed up land transfer and trusteeship, and continue to increase people’s incomes to make development more sustainable and happiness more tangible.We should make breakthroughs in improving the executive ability of cadres, focus on improving the entrepreneurial ability of party members and cadres, especially the ability of economic work, strengthen data thinking, focus on “volume and amplitude ratio”, strengthen “dry calculation and reporting”, and contribute more wudi power to the construction of a higher level of prosperity and prosperity of Binzhou.