12 strong match two negative Japan, the national football team lost so helpless!Huang Jianxiang: There is no hope for the next 30 years

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In the round of 12 of the World Preliminary round, China lost its first and second matches against Asian powerhouse Japan, with the scores of 0-1 and 0-2 respectively.However, after the two games, there is a similar feeling: it is not that the two games are “small loss to Japan” so simple, but that people can not see the progress of Chinese football and the future hope!As a result, the famous commentator Huang Jianxiang commented: Chinese football has completely lost, even lost the hope of the next 30 years!In the first match against Japan, under the command of Li Tie, China’s national football Team took the bus and lost 0-1. In the end, it was 0 shots and 0 goals, playing the worst Chinese football match in the round of 12, which really makes people see no hope.On January 27, 2022, The National football Team had another away game against Japan. The coach of the National football Team was Li Xiaopeng, who did not want to completely change the bus like Li Tie. On the basis of stable defense, he still wanted the national football team to have a chance to attack.However, we can only see individual players, such as Hao Junmin can still carry a few kicks alone;But the rest of the team had no one to help them;Faced with the Japanese team’s passing and control skills, China football team is like a schoolboy trying to get the ball from a doctoral student in a circle, but you can’t get close to them.Under the Japanese team’s scrum and cooperation, we can see the huge gap between the national football players’ awareness and skills — almost no one consciously anticipated and cooperated with the two penalties, and most of the players defended mechanically like headless flies.Only to the second half, Li Xiaopeng put on Wei Shihao, Alan, Dai Weijun, the situation of the National football team just had a little better, but also had the opportunity to shoot.Manchester United could beat Manchester City, but China was helpless against Japan’s flow of passing skills.Two games down, in the comparison between Chinese and Japanese football, the National football team appears numb, also gives a person a deep sense of powerlessness, fans seem to have no way and powerless to ridicule.Luo Ming, editor-in-chief of Titan Sports, commented: “It felt like everyone was in a state of impotence after the match.””Scold?There doesn’t seem to be much to scold.Analyzing tactics?It pales in comparison to the vast technological gap.”In fact, I think the National football team played ok.A new array, no run-in.We are still trying to attack and organize, although the results are not ideal.”At the same time, Luo Ming also pointed out a road of hope for the national football team — that is to rely on naturalization!”Lebanon beat Syria away from home!And the national foot to tell the truth, there is no front naturalized player is completely two teams, before the game can also see it.Let’s put the naturalization debate aside, use what’s already naturalized, and see if we can do it more cheaply in the future.”Indeed, some people may say that Li Tie’s National football team drew with Oman and Australia in the later matches.- Understand a little bit of people know that these two games, it is Li Tie began under the pressure of public opinion, dare to let naturalized players start, and play more time, there was a great change in the National football team!Coach Li Xiaopeng said after the game, “I’m very sorry to lose to Japan. I take full responsibility for the loss. All the players tried their best today.”Yes, Li Xiaopeng eq is far higher than that of li3 tie3, he doesn’t like in the embarrassing defeat to Japan after li3 tie3, also in advance: “only the Chinese can act as the team’s coach, only Chinese can do it”, but how to automatically took it again, but the face of Japan, two guide li actually bring us, still is that deep powerlessness.This only means: we are completely inferior to others!Even if Lippi had come, he would have played better and achieved better results, but why did Lippi propose that Chinese football must be naturalized in the first place?Later why take the initiative to give up hundreds of millions of annual salary, claiming “do not want to grab money”?Obviously, there is no confidence in Chinese football, is the fundamental reason!”These players and coaches in Tokyo were not the only ones who lost to Japan, just as the Beiyang Water Team was not the only one who lost in the Sino-Japanese War: Chinese football was completely lost,” Huang jianxiang said after China’s 2-0 loss to Japan.”The saddest part is that anyone with a clear eye can see that this is just one page in a seemingly endless series of losses to Japan over the next 20 or 30 years, if not longer.”So, if huang Jianxiang feels so powerless and sad, when can Chinese fans turn over the “page”?In the next 30 years, we should sigh with a famous poem every year: “Master Wang set the central Plains day in the north, and never forgot to tell Him his family sacrifices”?