The words of Mr. Lowe’s lonely town

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The lyrics of Luo’s “Lonely City” express the regret that two people who once loved each other have been separated. They are far apart and can never see each other again but can only see each other in dreams.Mr. Luo sang “lonely city” this song is a Chinese style song, when the sad and graceful rhythm and beautiful song sounded, a lot of people’s minds will emerge a lot of ancient costume TV drama tangled sadomasochistic plot, this song is also very popular on the network.This song is composed by Yan He, arranged by Shan Morwen, and sung by Mr. Luo. The producer is one Inch Lightyear team, and it is released on major online music platforms in August 2021.Mr. Luo will perform this song very well, his voice appeal is very good, let a person have a sense of empathy, as if in love, the song sounds more sad, the melody is also very sad, Mr. Luo sang a kind of loneliness in the heart.The whole song sounds like a nostalgic mood.Lyrics in the shape of a pair of spoony men and women, because of a variety of reasons have been walking to the end, can only let go of each other’s hands eventually separated.Both parties can only relive the happy times and loved ones through reminiscence, and then the long years and lost hopes can only be regarded as a past.The end of the number of people sigh unceasingly, but also more or less allusion to the reality of such love.