The new Nokia N9 concept: 4-inch curved face screen + 100 million pixel single camera, abandon the Nokia feelings

2022-06-04 0 By

Since Nokia’s return to the smart phone market, in addition to the release of functional machines, are basically the flagship cost-effective thousand yuan machine.In fact, Nokia’s feelings have always existed in the hearts of Chinese users, but feelings cannot be converted into sales, so innovation is still needed.Foreign media exposure of the new Nokia N9 is abandoned feelings, choose a different design concept.It is equipped with a 4-inch curved face screen, which is very rare in the market, and has a single lens with 100 million pixels.Both the appearance level and functions can be played, although the high-end flagship phone, but presents a different experience.Nowadays, there are very few mobile phones with a 4-inch screen in the market. Most of them are full-screen phones with a 6-inch screen or more.The new Nokia N9 has a curved 4-inch screen, which, as you can see from concept images, is very curved.Forehead and chin symmetrical design, two sides with brick three-dimensional fuselage.From top to bottom, they are completely different from the popular designs on the market.This may also be the feature of Nokia, which takes different design paths and makes market differentiation. You should know that the last phone with a 4-inch screen was the first generation iPhone ESE released by Apple.The new Nokia N9 features a full-screen design with a perforated screen at the top.It’s also the most popular design in the Android market, and with a curved body, it looks very delicate and small.The screen is not big, but the specs are very high, with a 120Hz refresh rate and a 2K resolution screen that accounts for 96% of the screen.It has fingerprint unlocking and speaker functions under the screen, and although it is smaller than the iPhone13mini, it is actually designed to be very comfortable and light.This new Nokia N9 is a classic, abandon the Nokia feelings, take the niche route is attractive enough.Nokia lens shooting has always been good strength, even nokia G50 such a thousand yuan machine, also equipped with rear Zeiss lens, to ensure the shooting effect of mobile phones.The NOKIA G50 also supports a 48-megapixel super night view mode, which is useful.The new Nokia N9 has a single lens on the rear, which is very large, as you can see from concept images.Although only one lens, but 100 million pixels, and also Zeiss certification.Support various shooting modes, even in low light environment, can also take very high exposure photos.The aperture base of the new Nokia N9 is as large as the main lens of any current flagship phone.With so many camera features, it should be safe to shoot this area.The new Nokia N9, powered by a high-end snapdragon chip, is also the flagship phone market, powered by the Hongmeng operating system, which is mainly for use in China.Overseas version is still based on android 12 operating system, regardless of the country version with Hongmeng or very conscience, to achieve cross-platform diversified operation, and fluency and security has been guaranteed.With a battery capacity of just 2,000mah, it supports 35W fast charging and 20W wireless charging, which is only slightly stronger than charging on the iPhone13.This is a classic new Nokia N9 concept with a thin, sleek body and a very modest screen size.Although the overall design has abandoned the Nokia feelings, in fact, to a certain extent, it liberates the designer, who does not need to be bound to design, so that it is easier to gain market recognition.What do you think