Qujiang New District to the general public tourists proposal

2022-06-04 0 By

The proposal under the joint efforts of the people of the city, the city has entered the stage of normal epidemic prevention and control.Flow during the Spring Festival, people gathered to increase, to resolutely implement the “rebound against input, inside outside” prevention and control strategy, to ensure the safety of you and your family’s health, we sent the following initiatives: datang datang lotus park, the city that never sleeps, the scenic spot has returned to normal operation, please comply with the scenic spots and cultural public epidemic prevention and control requirements, focus on information such as ticket booking, time sharing tour,Plan your travel schedule.The Spring Festival lights and atmosphere will continue until March 6th. Ticket checking will stop at 22:00 and the park will be closed at 23:00 every night. Please buy your tickets online in advance and travel at different peak times.Datang Never Night City Block all projects are open regularly, daily 18:00 to 21:00 people flow is large, please arrange your travel time reasonably.Please take the initiative to cooperate with temperature measurement, scanning code, wearing masks and other epidemic prevention requirements, follow the arrangement of counseling, do not crowd, do not gather.Safe home, protect together!Let us join hands to build a defense against the epidemic and enjoy a safe, healthy and peaceful Chinese New Year.Finally, I wish all the citizens and tourists a happy New Year and all the best.Culture and Tourism Bureau of Qujiang New Area Management Committee February 2, 2022 Editor: Yuan Yuan