Players leave the team!China football team usher in reform, fans forgive Li Tie!

2022-06-04 0 By

With the end of the seventh and eighth round of the world preliminary matches, the National football Team lost both games, and created a humiliating record, losing to Vietnam for the first time in 63 years!Look at women’s football 3-1 Vietnam team, men’s football 1-3 Vietnam service, high and low!After the end of the game against Vietnam, the National football team is also ready to return home.And Alan and Luo Guofu, Jiang Guangtai directly leave the team, their home!This time, the naturalized player was substituted in the second half of the game against The Vietnamese team. The National football team lost its offensive ability and was directly pressed by the Vietnamese team across the line.Defensive line several times crash, and Wu Lei also did not like Yi East pure also those stay abroad players for the national football team to bring a turning point!After the defeat, it was rare for People’s Daily and other official media to speak out. The National football team once again became the focus of national attention in the first lunar month.”Disbanding men’s football and reducing wages” has also become the focus of discussion among fans.The wonderful performance of the women’s football team, directly locked the 2023 World Cup place, and the men’s football team began to prepare for the next World Cup in advance.After the game, naturalized players left the national football team to become a hot focus.Spend a lot of money to naturalize a “lesson”!This is also the object of hot discussion among fans, now the national football team’s situation is in trouble, is bound to become the focus of public opinion again after returning home.It doesn’t matter the last two rounds, it’s just training!Following this, many fans expect that The national team may have to retreat again, even if the World Cup restructuring, the Asian division increased the quota, the National team will not be able to enter.This time, li Tie, the former coach of The National football Team, was once again on the hot search list, with many fans Posting messages on li Tie’s social media saying “Wrong blame Li Tie”.In the past, coach Li Tie would have been “searched and cursed” whenever he lost a game, but this time the fans found that it was not the coach but the whole system of The national football team that was so bad that they should learn from the women’s team.Indeed, this time the national football team is facing a crisis more serious than 20 years ago, this time the national football team may change blood, the football association will reform!As for what?We don’t know!