On March 27, Linyi implemented summer and autumn flight plans to open and encrypt these routes

2022-06-04 0 By

Public network · poster news reporter Wang Yancai Linyi reported from March 27, Linyi Airport will implement summer and autumn flight plans, new and encryption of some routes.Cooperation with Air China for the first time, the newly opened linyi = Chengdu (Tianfu) route, the schedule is one daily.China Southern Airlines continues to increase its capacity in Linyi Airport, adding a new overnight aircraft to fly linyi = Wuhan = Guiyang route.At the same time, Chongqing Airlines opened chongqing = Changsha = Linyi, Fuzhou airlines opened Fuzhou = Linyi = Hohhot, Changlong Airlines opened Harbin = Linyi = Zhuhai and other routes.In addition, Linyi Airport accurately analyzed the characteristics of the summer and autumn market, and continued to increase the efforts to expand the northwest airlines. Wenzhou = Linyi = Xining airlines, Xiamen = Linyi = Hohhot airlines, and Ningbo = Linyi = Lanzhou airlines have been encrypted.At the same time, we actively coordinated with airlines to optimize flight schedules in Shenzhen, Harbin, Kunming and Xiamen for the convenience of passengers.During the change of season, the flight schedule will be adjusted. Linyi Airport reminds passengers that they must check the latest flight situation before going out, and pay attention to personal protection, actively cooperate with the airport epidemic prevention and control, and wear masks throughout the whole journey.Tickets can be booked on various ticket sales platforms, or call linyi Airport service hotline 9600777 for consultation.