Luohe: open recruitment of 15 people!

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Due to the work needs, Luohe Shali River City management comprehensive supervision brigade is entrusts Luohe Jindun Security Service Co., Ltd. to open recruitment of supervision auxiliary personnel 15.1. Recruitment Plan and Requirements In accordance with the principle of “openness, fairness, competition and selection”, 15 supervisory auxiliary personnel will be recruited from the public.Requirements: 1. Male, aged 18-40;2. Taller than 1.70 meters;3. High school or above;4. Healthy, regular features, no criminal record.Ii. Recruitment Procedures and Requirements The specific procedures of this recruitment are: recruitment announcement, qualification examination, physical examination, political review and other links.It will be carried out on site from February 15, 2022 until full enrollment.Location: Room 412, 4th Floor, Golden Shield Security Service Co., LTD. (intersection of Huangshan Road and Longjiang Road, Luohe).Iii. Personnel management and salary standard (I) The supervisory auxiliary personnel recruited this time shall be employed by labor dispatch. The recruited personnel shall sign relevant procedures with Luohe Jindun Security Service Co., LTD.I was sent by Luohe Jindun Security Service Co., LTD to work in Luohe Shahe City Management Comprehensive Supervision Brigade.During the recruitment period, the comprehensive supervision team of Sha River City Management of Luohe shall manage qualified personnel according to the work requirements.(2) The probation period of the recruiter is 3 months.Those who fail to pass the probation assessment shall not be employed.If the recruiter violates laws and regulations, fails to pass the assessment and meets other conditions of employment termination and discharge, the employment will be terminated.(3) After receiving the employment notice, the hired personnel must go through relevant procedures within the prescribed time and report for duty on time.If the applicant fails to report within the prescribed time limit without justifiable reasons, his/her employment qualification will be cancelled.(4) The average monthly salary of the recruited personnel is 2300 yuan.Fourth, disciplinary supervision is open to the public recruitment of supervisory auxiliary personnel, strong policy, involving a wide range of social impact.We must adhere to principles, standardize procedures, and do a good job in all links, such as qualification examination, comprehensive testing, physical examination, inspection and employment.To strict work discipline, serious examination of the wind and discipline, whether staff or candidates, in the recruitment process of disciplinary violations, should be held accountable, seriously dealt with.The open recruitment work by the sand lishui River city management team supervision of the whole process.Source: Luohe Jindun Security Service Co., LTD article source: property market information quality content recommended heavy!Dongguan Metro Line 3 is expected to start construction this year!Miansui Inner railway, Mianyang Airport relocation……Mianyang transportation this year has these key projects in the national top 100!Luohe this district is awesome!