“Global Mission 3” celebrates Chinese New Year

2022-06-04 0 By

Tiger tiger, the whole people together.With the launch of the new version of “Seven Stars every Day”, the new round of “Infinite Dimension Challenge” of the full perspective third person PVE online shooting game “Global Mission 3” has begun!Participate in the infinite dimension challenge, you can not only get the time and space essence and space fragments that can be purchased in the mall after finishing the game, but also have the fashion with special equipment.At the same time, the official website opened the “unlimited dimensional celebrity list” 47th activity.In this “infinite dimensions” campaign season, the top player will get a limited number of special effects plus fashion!Each “Infinite Dimension Challenge” lasts for two nature weeks.During the event, players can click “Unlimited dimensional dedicated channels” in the game’s custom mode to create or join teammates’ rooms for challenges.When you create/join a room, the page displays the type of map, dimensional level, and space-time turbulence you want to challenge.Each “infinite Dimensions Challenge” campaign lasts for two nature weeks, this season has silent Clinic, Moon Life, Blizzard, warehouse of Despair four game map.There are 30 layers in the infinite dimension, and the player must kill the boss of each layer in a limited time to get to the next layer.After the player succeeds in the challenge, the system will issue prizes such as space-time essence, space-time fragment, and general materials of the transformation system according to the completion time of the team.They are used in the shops that correspond to their names. The Space Essence shop can buy some wingman materials and core modules for the transformation device, and the Space Fragment shop can buy diamond bullets, dimensional weapons, permanent fashion for the firing range, etc.At the end of the season, the top 100 players will be rewarded with additional chrono gems, chrono shards, and automata shards.In addition, you can also get extra rewards if you complete the dimensional trial task and complete any copy of any level in unlimited dimensional mode three times a day!Among them, the settlement of space and time debris, players to the store to exchange unlimited dimensions to create exclusive corresponding style of equipment – time cruise!It is specially designed to travel through parallel planes. It is the work of the League of Nations technology research and development department, which can greatly enhance the user’s attack and survival ability.Let you come and go freely in the turbulence of time and space, easy to deal with!Special note: the time shards will be cleared in the next meta-season, please use the time shards earned in this season before settling.At the end of the dimensional season, a final “challenge ranking” will be displayed on the campaign page of the official website, and the top 10 squad players will be awarded points based on their highest ranking.The player with the top score on all four maps wins the mystery prize!Limited fashion: Light war armor (male)/mind war armor (female), not only has a cool appearance, but also amazing equipment special effects.Both equipped with special effects of fashion, equipment, players in the game will slightly reduce the lower body damage, and can also increase an induced thunder, combustion induced thunder, firebombs, gas bombs, tyrant – lava burst, super energy – choking frost, super energy – guidance grenades, inheritance – spider silk dust net initial carry number.Such an attractive prize, but also not quickly to challenge the infinite number of the top position!All the regrets in the past are foreshadowing the surprise in 2022. May everything you strive for be as you wish in the end.In the New Year, challenge the limit, ascend the infinite dimensional celebrity list, show your excellent skill!The new version of Global Mission 3 is now online!There are the most shocking sci-fi war scenes, the most distinctive full-angle real action shooting battles and a variety of deep, exciting PVE gameplay.