Fan Zhiyi wrote: Only by starting from a small environment can Chinese football get back on track

2022-06-04 0 By

Fan Zhiyi, a veteran of China’s national football team, expressed his views on the future of Chinese football in a post after his team’s 3-1 defeat to Vietnam.Fan Zhiyi wrote: football has no national boundaries, but it needs a sense of ritual, cohesion and inheritance.The bigger question now is whether we can restore the heritage of football and allow others to walk on our shoulders.If through our youth work, there is a group of children can know how to treat people, know how to observe the changing situation on the pitch, know how to make more rational decision under pressure, even more reasonable about winning or losing, just know how to let them know that is the goal, winning to accept and process to enjoy, the meaning of that football is enough.If we these people put their position is not right, that Chinese football really no play;Only when we start from a small environment and make changes, can Chinese football get back on track.The most important thing is that Chinese football can no longer be divided into you, me and him.