Some boys are short, not handsome and vulgar. Why are they still liked by girls?

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The guy who gets the girl’s attention always has his unique side.There is no such thing as love or hatred without any reason or cause.Short, long not handsome also very vulgar, such a boy can get a girl’s reluctant, even hot pursuit, I think he will still have his admirable side.Girls are not everyone has the ability to appreciate and identify the boys good or bad ability, short, hypocritical, vulgar is not what advantage, looking for a tall, upright, elegant boy how good?Why would you want someone like that?Either empty, vain, or to fill the void?Birds of a feather flock together. That’s normal.Everyone’s aesthetic appreciation and hobbies are different. If you don’t like them, others will think they are beautiful. If you like them, others will think they are average.A thing can be paid attention to or liked by people, then it must have its own shining point, or people who pay attention to or like it are attracted by it in some way, there will be no gratuitous love or hate.Pulp from good sense of humor, you say vulgar should be said that he likes to tell blue jokes, to be honest, if this year boy doesn’t speak several blue jokes, it’s so boring, of course, speak a hun segment son certainly occasions, in front of the girls, especially the girl’s face, that isn’t ripe in affirmation is not appropriate, can be said to mean, a “false”, talking boys,I’m not supposed to tell dirty jokes in front of girls.Not handsome, that is certainly not ugly, this year does not have to be handsome, there will be girls like, there is a kind of charm called personality charm, everyone more or less will have, but the difference between strong and weak.He may look like that to you, but to those girls he’s an interesting soul.Girls are generally constrained by their parents too much, their hearts are more pure, and they are easily attracted by some bad interest or marginal knowledge, so even if the guy is not handsome, they will not let the girls reject him.Some women just have special tastes and like dark food.Many men, the female appearance requirements are not particularly high, there are several people around this kind of, as long as it is a woman, regardless of the ugly beauty fat thin, good or bad character of this kind of men are willing to be “licking dog”.I know several economic conditions are good, some have married, is the basic female he can not walk.Such male a characteristic, grow basically namely very “anxious”.Economic condition is not bad, like to show off in front of women!But men like that don’t pick women.If women are serious with her, some are not.Under normal circumstances, most men are still concerned about a woman’s appearance, personality and body shape.