Multi-dimensional “double carbon” move to create a green future

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The wind left traces, sunshine gold, the spring breeze of Tianjin against the green silhouette, is accelerating into the “carbon” fast lane.In the 2022 NPC and CPPCC, “double carbon” and “new energy” have become widely discussed keywords.Economic development, power first, state Grid Tianjin Power how to serve the goal of “double carbon” with practical actions, and from what aspects to promote, to achieve multi-dimensional perception, multi-function complementary, diversified services?Here, please follow the footsteps of the reporter, view the path, see the effect, multi-angle focus on the development of green and low-carbon transformation of the economic society powered by electricity.Green electricity shop full of rural spring in March spring warm, spring irrigation at that time, such as the field, a big windmill dancing in the wind.On March 29, State Grid Tianjin Ninghe Company successfully connected the 50 MW wind power project of Weiyu Fengtai to the grid.It is the first new energy wind power project to be connected to The Tianjin power grid in 2022, and is expected to generate 114 million KWH of electricity annually.As the blades rotate, clean energy is sent to the city’s power grid, where it is fed back into the fields.Employees of State Grid Tiangjin Electric Power company visited fengtai wind farm to carry out safety inspection after the grid connection. “We planted wheat with electricity blown by strong winds, and felt the wheat smell of silk breeze.Liu Ligong, secretary of Yaotou Village, Fengtai Town, Ninghe District, which uses green wind power, joked.In Tianjin, the shadow of green electricity is everywhere. In dayuehe village, ninghe Town, the “photovoltaic fish pond” reflects the sparkling light. Fish swim under the panels, and the joy of getting rich is filled with villagers’ faces.”This pv is a really nice thing. You can make money directly from the sun.All this sunshine on my pond brings in an extra seven thousand dollars a year.””Said Sun Lianzhu, a villager who has benefited from the project.It is reported that Tianjin Ninghe photovoltaic power station covers an area of about 3,000 mu, a total installed capacity of 80 megawatts, so far the cumulative power generation of 358 million KWH, equivalent to 337,200 tons of carbon dioxide reduction.Through the installation of solar photovoltaic panels above the fish pond, the project realizes the “complementary fishing light” form of “power generation from the top and fish farming from the bottom”. One resource and two industries greatly improve the utilization efficiency of water resources.Nowadays, new energy is being connected to Tianjin power grid at the fastest speed and with the strongest momentum.Take Ninghe As an example. In 2021, the total clean energy generation capacity of Ninghe will be 1.131 billion kilowatt-hours, accounting for more than 38% of the annual electricity consumption of the whole society in Ninghe. It is expected that by the end of the 14th Five-Year Plan, this figure will reach about 110%.”In order to open the power channel from Ninghe to the outer districts to transport clean energy and ensure the full consumption of new energy, we will start construction of the new 220kV power transmission and transformation project within this year.The name fuxin means to better serve new energy and contribute to the construction of Tianjin, a pioneer of energy revolution.”State Grid Tianjin Ninghe Company development director Zhu Jun said.Clean energy helps low-carbon factory Construction March 24, State Grid Tianjin Electric Power Power Power Yuan Qi Forest (Tianjin) Beverage Co., Ltd. photovoltaic power generation project successfully connected to the grid, to boost the “double carbon” target in Tianjin’s secondary industry to land a new power.Yuanqi Forest is located in Xiqing Development Zone, Tianjin, with a number of advanced technology production lines, producing a variety of drinks.Last October, Genki Forest launched a strategy of three “zero” plants, which included achieving the “zero carbon” target.Industrial production is a big consumer of electricity, and the plant uses more than 20 million kilowatt hours of electricity annually, making it difficult to achieve zero carbon emissions.”Based on our professional advantages, we will cooperate with Yuanqi Forest to promote the transformation of clean energy and energy saving, and make full use of the roof resources of production workshops and production auxiliary rooms to construct distributed photovoltaic power generation projects, with an estimated annual power generation capacity of 4,602,600 KWH.”State Grid Tianjin City west company customer manager Wang Dongsheng said.It is estimated that the photovoltaic project will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 3,964.7 tons per year, helping the company to reduce energy costs while taking a solid step towards building a “zero carbon” plant.”The electricity service is really efficient and thoughtful, from the early stage of the grid access scheme application, system design to the grid power generation, before and after a total of less than 3 months, but also take the initiative to carry out safety inspection for our electrical equipment, I am now full of confidence in clean electricity, safe electricity.Yuanqi Forest (Tianjin) director Cui Jianquan said gratefully.The staff of State Grid Tianjin Electric Power Co., Ltd. will come to provide electric services for Yuanqi Forest Co., LTD., and those who do will always succeed. The goal of optimizing the electric power business environment and serving the “double carbon” is like a relay race.Its power since 2018, tianjin continuous optimize business environment service measures, especially this year, the company based on the background green low carbon economic and social transformation, to launch “help the industry, livelihood, to promote double carbon” electricity services article 30 steps, to provide convenient safe electricity, electricity, clean electricity as the goal, earnestly practice “people’s electric power for the people” enterprise objective,Tianjin will continue to deepen the strategy of establishing the manufacturing industry as a city and continuously improve the core competitiveness of the real economy.Recently, IKEA’s first “zero-energy” shopping mall in the world was opened in Tianjin, becoming the first large-scale shopping mall in Tianjin to achieve “zero carbon”, which means that the “double carbon” achievement has been blossomed in tianjin’s service industry for the second time.The secret to Ikea’s “zero-energy” mall is in the parking lot, which spans nearly 30,000 square meters and is lined with steel scaffolding topped by black photovoltaic panels that gleam in the sun.Parking at the bottom, power generation at the upper level, dual use of one site, photovoltaic panels released to provide services for the daily operation of the mall, an estimated annual power generation of 5.58 million KWH, can achieve annual carbon dioxide emission reduction of 5,262 tons.Since the application of this photovoltaic project, IKEA’s photovoltaic charging parking lot has been fully connected to the Internet on March 19, which only took two months. Since then, IKEA has fully realized the self-use of clean energy and the Internet access of surplus electricity.”In 2021, when IKEA proposed to realize the concept of green transformation, we established a regular contact mechanism with IKEA to design the energy control system for its commercial buildings, saving energy and reducing carbon, and saving 3.42 million yuan of electricity per year.”Its tianjin toray exhibition in May, said the project owner to make “green market” dream is one step closer, we to ikea company attaches great importance to the photovoltaic power generation project, opened up a green channel, combined with actual situation appropriate adjustments to the minimum requirement of the photovoltaic power grid capacity, help the enterprise interconnection, open another chapter of sustainable development.”The electric power company provides special services for us.What surprised us the most was that during the pandemic, the project was moving forward, not behind.””Said Liu Zhen, engineering facilities manager for IKEA’s Northern region, who is in charge of the photovoltaic power project.From serving agriculture to helping service industry, from serving people’s livelihood to guaranteeing industrial production, State Grid Tianjin Electric Power is fully professional and future-oriented, supporting the development of new energy industry and providing high-quality, efficient and clean energy guarantee for the city.