In 2022, the sour, sweet, bitter and hot will be tasted by ourselves, and the heavy rain will be borne by ourselves

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One day, you will understand that some sadness is unspeakable, the responsibility on the shoulder is not able to unload, the grievances are finally digested by themselves, the road is also their own step by step out, happiness is their own hands hard work out!Everything can only rely on themselves, only on their own, only their own hands, in order to have ample food and clothing, only independent, self-reliance, to dream to struggle, will have your own want of life, you don’t work hard, who also can’t give you want to live.So, for their own want to go to work hard refueling.Only your own absolute strength is your arrogant capital. Everything you want and other people’s respect to you are actually earned by yourself, not given by others. You are the most dependable backer.Because in this world, there has never been a strong bow to the weak truth, only you really strong the world will be pleasant to you.So stop dreaming your dreams, wake up your imaginary self, and fight for what you want.Like a sentence: think, just a problem;Doing is the answer, but not moving is the audience.On the road of life, wind and rain is bumpy, who has suffering and hardship, who has bitterness and hardship is not easy, no matter what happens, we should maintain an optimistic attitude, do not complain.Rice is a mouthful to eat, the road is a step by step, as long as the direction is right, as long as you stick to it, you will always get the result you want.Therefore, if you want to be successful, if you want to change everything according to your own will, then you should have your own ideas about what you do, don’t always be swayed by other people’s opinions and let yourself stagnate.When you feel the most unlucky time, must carry, do not be discouraged, because ah, that may be your luck should rise.If you give up when it’s time to stick to it, you may really have no chance to succeed any more. Opportunities are always reserved for those who are prepared, and the more effort you make, the luckier you will be.Men have the strength to control their own life, get the woman they want, live a happy life;Women have strength, to put the happiness firmly in their own hands, rather than humbly to the man’s begging, so everyone only really independent, TA can let everything according to their own want to the appearance of development.When you do not succeed, do not take face so important, no one will treat you well because you want face, no one will respect you because you want face, no one will help you because you want face, compared to your current unsatisfactory life, face is really nothing.Why do so many successful people end up successful?It is because they know the secret of success, which is: persistence;”Shameless”;Stick to “shameless”!The shameless here does not mean that the person has bad moral character and misbehaves, but that he does not value face very much. It is more important to improve strength and achieve success than face.When you put down face to make money, that you have sensible;When you use money to earn back face, that you have been successful;When you can make money with face, that you have a character!I think so.Time is always in a hurry. Almost a month has passed in 2022. What are you still hesitating and wondering about?What’s the point of growing up if your parents are still suffering?If your family is still struggling, what are your responsibilities?If your child can’t grow up as happily as his peers, is it your responsibility?So, don’t think twice, and don’t let your parents down, owe your wife, and delay your children because of your own incompetence and selfishness.Like a sentence: “I used to think that making money is not important, but now I know that the stars and the sea need tickets, poems and distant travel are very expensive, all your efforts now are to meet a better yourself!”In fact, face is not given by others, but earned by others’ recognition for everything you do. If you do it, others will respect you and look up to you.Therefore, if your ability can not support your ambition, if you think you can be a respectable person, you’d better make good efforts to make money, to succeed!In 2022, we will taste the sour, sweet, bitter and hot by ourselves, and bear the heavy wind and rain by ourselves!Come on # emotion # Photo/Network — END — For more exciting content, come to Niangkong Uncle