Gansu province “listen to the Internet big V to speak about the promotion of politics and law” publicity activity has received a warm response

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Recently, the propaganda and Education Bureau of the Central Political and Legal Commission “politics and law propaganda work dynamic” second phase, in the “experience exchange” column recommended to the country introduced my province “listen to the network big V speak politics and law promotion” publicity activities.It is forwarded.In order to show the highlights and results of the three-year promotion of political and legal work in Gansu province, the Politics and Law Commission of Gansu Provincial Party Committee launched a publicity campaign of “Listening to the Internet big V Speak on the Promotion of political and legal work” for half a month from the end of 2021.Websites such as Xinhuanet, New Gansu And China, as well as communication platforms such as Weibo, Toutiao, Douyin, Kuaishou and B station, as well as some network big Vs, were invited to conduct on-the-spot interviews with grassroots political and legal units in Lanzhou, Jiuquan, Zhangye and Wuwei to tell gansu political and legal stories in the form of online live video and graphic live broadcasts.Up to now, more than 620 articles have been promoted by provincial media, Internet big VS and official micro blogs of various political and legal units, with over 81 million visits.The publicity activity told the story of Gansu political and legal work with real people, real events and true feelings, and showed the highlights and effects of the three-year promotion of Gansu political and legal work in the form of story sharing and interactive exchanges, giving full play to the typical demonstration and leading role.The warm and natural language style, the inspirational story of the political and legal hero, and the firm and persistent faith in life have aroused a warm response in the province.New, live, widely passed in new media is energy the propaganda activities fully using new media to expand coverage and influence, the provincial party committee of new media account opening column, the official weibo “LongYuan” of political science and law, and municipal state official weibo synchronization to participate in politics and law committee belongs to the subject, forward, reviews the topics, the provincial network group to participate in the activities of political science and law, coordination,Expand the influence and spread of activities.Up to now, 58.14 million people have visited the topic on Weibo.Open a live column on the Live cloud APP of Xinhua News Agency, simultaneously broadcast the report, and present what you see and hear in the whole process. Multiple platforms disassemble and promote the live broadcast content, and netizens watch it online and participate in the form of messages and bullet screens, transferring positive energy with their fingertips.Opening of China lanzhou network project, set to salute heroes, audio posters, weibo interaction DengZi columns, in text, live, pictures, video, hand-painted, posters and other market offer related content, use microblogging topic wall, add interactive link, provincial major media and network account V to participate in the topic, forward, reviews the topics.China Lanzhou network “one network nine terminal” opened a column, concentrated display series of works.I made a series of short videos titled “Network BIG V Tells the Promotion of Political and legal work” to share the changes in various places since the three-year promotion of political and legal work in the province in the form of story telling. 46 issues and 276 times have been produced and promoted.Provincial, municipal, political and legal authorities provided pictures, videos and reporters’ interview materials, and produced a series of hand-drawn cartoon works and audio posters to attract more young audiences.Grasp the time, degree and effect of the same frequency resonance to enhance the heat to ensure that “listen to the network big V speak political and legal promotion” publicity activities grounding gas, let the masses like, provincial political and legal commission planning in advance, according to the overall requirements of the activity to make scientific and reasonable arrangements, grasp the content of the release and display of time, degree and effect.At the same time, the publicity and promotion, exhibition arrangement and creation and production of theme works are planned and promoted together, and online and offline are coordinated to resonate with the same frequency and form momentum, which enhances the communication power and influence of theme works and achieves good results.Published: Gansu Provincial Political and Legal Committee propaganda and Education Office editor: Wang Erxiang Lu Qian