Chen Lu updated the dynamic, clarifying that he “has never been caught”, huo xing artist recent exposure

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Last year, rumors about Chen Lu and Huo caused quite a stir in the entertainment industry. No one expected that the mellow singer was secretly a man who cheated on women’s affections.Under the influence of public opinion, Huo xing artist official announced to withdraw from the circle, in order to protect themselves.Internet violence is terrible, many people have felt, when everyone thinks you do wrong, you are wrong.And after huo xing artist withdrew from the circle, Chen Lu was exposed to a video, that is, the door to threaten the money.No matter whose fault the breakup was, it was illegal to blackmail for money, and it was later revealed that Chen Lu had been detained.Chen LAN, who has been supporting Huo, said she and Independence Ping have been speaking up for her online because they believe in his character.Supposedly so large amount of fraud, Chen Lu’s end should be very miserable, and even need to be detained.But recently, Chen lu updated her news feed and liked a blog post about the Winter Olympics. When netizens questioned her, she clarified that she had never been caught.This message a netizen again boiling, so serious blackmail behavior, why Chen Lu was not caught?Some people began to question, Chen Lu was handcuffed to grasp after the bail, this is not caught, there are people said that her face scissors are not broken.After a detailed understanding of that, the original Chen Lu is currently in the state of bail pending trial, once the judgment charges, she will bear their own needs to pay the responsibility.Just because you’re still at home doesn’t mean you haven’t been arrested, just that you’ve been released.Some netizens directly to her shout, if really not caught, don’t on the network “ba ba”, immediately Sue independence ping, Chen LAN and others, to maintain their reputation.If the other side lies, she will be punished, and she can be whitewashed.After the public opinion was exposed, why didn’t Chen Lu stand up and refuted the rumor for herself? If she wasn’t caught, she should have posted a statement to clarify it immediately, maybe it could be hot searched.However, Chen Lu neither appealed nor chose to clear herself, how to explain her innocence?While Lu said she had never been caught, it was also revealed that Huo had cut off his long hair and was living a leisurely life with his father.In fact, their family is not short of money, and they can get by without working, as long as their status is not affected.Judging by his present condition, he seems to have recovered from the shadow of that time.I don’t know if he will come back in the entertainment circle. After all, public opinion is distorted by piecing together, and he has the confidence to clarify himself.I do not know whether you have seen, have been pieced together by Chen Lu chat transcript text, xiaobian to review again.As can be seen from the pictures, Huo did say some harsh words, but it was just a comment on the short video, not an allusion to Chen Lu.Huo also said that my lulu is really too cute, there was a conversation on the picture, because the chat record is too long xiaobian cut, if you haven’t seen it can go to the independent ping account, this is the real chat content.Through the chat screenshots pieced together, a paragraph of expression of love words, twisted into their own belittling, Chen Lu is actually very sad, right?But that’s not a reason for her to threaten her ex-boyfriend, and since blackmail is a fact, as long as he doesn’t drop the charges, she should be held responsible.This article is the author’s original, unauthorized reprint is strictly prohibited offenders will investigate!