The Ingenuity of the Japanese, lexus new car with four-wheel drive +5 meters body, but the Chinese people do not like

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Lexus as Japan’s “national car brand, the Japanese have brainwashed carefully, for it is indeed, ray, a car is almost nowhere can be critical in terms of quality, its lexus RX as seven SUV, is luxury in accessories, in addition, what other notable places, and see it together.In terms of appearance, RX | Japanese ingenuity.Unlike the QX60’s low-key and calm aviator, the RX450hL has a ferocious look.The body’s rich edges make it look angular, while the outer eyebrows highlight its sense of power.Currently on sale in the middle of the modified model.In the front of the car, the findle-shaped grille that continues the brand family gene as always bears the sharp and avant-garde feeling of the whole car’s front face, and the interior design of the new grid grille is more athletic than the horizontal line decoration of the old one.Although the name is RX450hL, but the wheelbase is not extended, and the ordinary version is 2790mm, in order to plug the third row seat, the space expansion target is placed in the rear axle of the vehicle, from the side can easily see that RX450hL has a longer rear suspension design.In terms of body size, the length/width/height are 5000×1895×1720mm respectively, and the 5-meter body is only slightly longer and slightly higher than the ordinary version.The rear shape echoes with the spindle air intake grille of the front.Although the tail is square in outline, it is not bloated under the outline of the line.L-shaped LED taillights extend all the way to the side of the car, stretching the visual width.And the taillight position is higher, the visual center of gravity is also increased, looking more powerful.Interior parts.Similar to the exterior design, Lexus’s family-oriented interior is also consistent.The central control desk of neat model is covered by large area soft leather material, and the interpenetration of solid wood and metal material is used properly to reflect luxurious feeling and advanced feeling.Three-spoke multi-functional steering wheel grip ring thick, full grip feeling, both sides of the key layout clear and simple operation.Both sides of the steering wheel are covered with leather, delicate touch, and the upper and lower edges are spliced with solid wood material, which not only improves the decoration, but also makes the car appear calm and atmospheric.Instrument panel is still the form of primitive mechanical instrument + driving computer display screen, although the style is classic, reading driving information is clear enough, but in the current popularity of full LCD instrument, such design seems to be a little outdated.But it also has a HUD.The large 12.3-inch screen is available only on the all-wheel-drive Premium 7-seater and the modified All-wheel-drive Premium 6-seater, while the rest of the models have smaller 8-inch screens.Features upgraded intelligent natural voice control system, but the actual experience is still not good.The number of seats in RX450hL is related to the configuration version, the two low models are 7-seat version, the top is 6-seat version, and the middle luxury version provides 7-seat and 6-seat two versions to choose, except the seat number is different, the rest of the configuration is the same, but the price is 30,000 yuan.In terms of ride space.Height 1.8m, seat to the lowest and adjust the sitting posture, can get 4 finger space.Keeping the front row unchanged, move the second row to the last position to gain 4 fingers of head room and 2 punches of leg room.With only a slight lengthening of the body, the RX450hL has a very narrow third row.Motivation.The RX450hL is equipped with a hybrid powertrain consisting of a 3.5LV6 naturally aspirated engine codendered 2GR-FXS and dual motors.The 3.5-L engine has a maximum power of 193kW (262hp) and a peak torque of 335Nm, while the front and rear motors offer 123kW and 50kW, respectively, and 335Nm and 139Nm of torque.The powertrain is matched by an E-CVT transmission that simulates a six-speed shift and supports S-motion gear.The shape of the retaining rod is very retro, and even the gear arrangement has adopted a very primitive “snake” shift.The RX450hL features a front McPherson rear double arm suspension and a timely four-wheel drive system as standard.The top-of-the-range model also comes with AVS variable suspension damping, though this is more about comfort than handling.In general, the starting price of 400,000, for RX450hL, is indeed not low, if it is a good face of the People will generally choose BBA, of course, the specific choice, or depends on personal preference.So, do you think the comprehensive strength of Lexus RX450hL is worthy of your recognition