Faker eats grass and milks milk. Clid wins the Asian Games list

2022-06-02 0 By

DK team’s performance in this season is not satisfactory, ghost and Beryl’s departure led to the team’s overall strength greatly decreased.Canyon is now the only one left to support nakano, which was once proud of itself.SKT team, on the other hand, took the lead in the spring competition under the condition of retaining the original team.Recently, the media in the LCK division calculated the amount of blue consumed by each single player, causing a heated discussion.After comparing Faker’s data with Showmaker’s, many fans couldn’t help but marvel at Faker’s charm!After showmaker’s slump, his fans were vocal that he sacrificed his development this season to protect Canyon’s.Showmaker, however, is the most reliant player on a blue buff in the LCK because of the amount of blue eaten by single players.In nine out of 15 games, he started with a second blue buff.But he did not play due to the suppression, but took a blue buff in the brush economy.In the past, showmaker’s line-matching abilities were thought to overwhelm other players, perhaps in part because of the blue buff.Faker, on the other hand, eats very little blue, in stark contrast to Showmaker.After 18 years, Faker no longer relies on blue buffs, and is more of a grass-milking mode.Against DK, Faker’s blue buff comes from the opposite field.I have to say, Faker is the first LOL player.Not only was he able to stay in peak form for so long, but he was able to use his team’s limited resources.No matter what hero he plays now, he will not rely too much on his own blue buff, which will undoubtedly speed up the formation of his own side.Because of Faker’s performance, LCK players now prefer Faker to play in the Asian Games.Although Showmaker has long been regarded as a legacy player in the LCK division, his form has suffered a bit this season.If Faker can maintain his previous form in the following games, he will definitely be the first player in the Asian Games.As was the case in the last Asian Games, Faker is likely to stay on as captain this time to stabilize the morale of the army.Although the LPL division is in the offseason, it is as busy as the LCK division.Clid paid his price in the previous match and successfully led Gori to victory.Clid and Gori have been playing Hanbok rank during the Spring Festival break.Clid is now in the no. 2 position in Hanbok and is poised to take the no. 1 position in Hanbok.Players can’t help but admire clid and Gori’s professional attitude after seeing their rank field count.Now it’s up to Clid to see if it can bring out gori’s potential. As long as Gori’s line ability improves, FPX will have a lot to watch this spring.