Durant is on To Gu!Social media is moving too fast on princess Frog!

2022-06-02 0 By

Beijing Olympics is in full progress, the top flow of the winter Olympics to say, is the frog princess GuAiLing absolutely, the 18-year-old half-blood girl freestyle skiing in winter Olympic Games a platform which he is not very good at project reverse won 3 gold, the Chinese Olympic delegation is also his first gold medal in Olympics.Because GuAiLing grew up in two countries, the United States and China, 15 years old to join the Chinese, so the growth of the special experience to let her have a very high popularity all over the world, looks at the same time has the characteristics of Chinese and americans, very beautiful, suddenly GuAiLing name have the rest of the world, NBA super giant soon,Nets star Kevin Durant also paid attention to our Chinese skier.As many Fans of Durant know, adu is also a keyboard warrior who likes to hate fans on social media and love him on social media.Recently, some netizens noticed that Gu Ailing had been added to durant’s social media account’s following list. Before you know it, Durant has already targeted our frog princess, which surprised many fans.Durant is 34 years old this year, but is still the NBA’s best active scorer, and this summer Durant to four years 194 million yuan in advance of the big contract with the Nets to renew, although Durant has not retired, but currently calculate down adu’s career total salary has exceeded 500 million dollars, equivalent to about 3.2 billion yuan.Although in the NBA league belongs to the super star, but in the pursuit of girls in this matter, Adu has been more miserable, basically he likes none of the actresses to see their own, American female Scarlett can not drink the bath water.Don’t say, but say has always been very original, durant’s eyes is the Tokyo Olympic Games last summer, durant is after the Turkish women’s volleyball team the first beauty, zahara senol, zahara senol because looks pretty outstanding skills, instantly the fire in the Olympic Games, although durant in the Tokyo Olympic Games schedule is nervous, but still is not idle,He also follows Zehra Gunesch on social media, and is sure she doesn’t know he’s following her, with every social media feed praising her.After all, Adu does not speak Turkish, and the two have little personal connection.But I didn’t expect Durant to fall in love so quickly and soon pay attention to Gu. Gu grew up in the United States and has no problem communicating with Durant.Firstly, Gu is as good as Durant in terms of influence and earning power in sports. Now gu’s annual income is around 200 million RMB, and the price of one endorsement is around 15 million RMB. Moreover, Gu is only 18 years old, and her commercial value will continue to rise in the future.Durant, by comparison, hasn’t had a long career.So durant those property, for Gu Ailing are peanuts, just drizzle.Here I have to say that Durant is really too sad, has been 34 years old or a single wang, other NBA players are girlfriend change, but Adu just can’t catch up with his girlfriend, we frog princess Gu Ailing is so good, I’m afraid it is difficult to see Durant.