Beijing: Through the park hospital shopping mall and other life scenes to provide wisdom for the elderly services

2022-06-02 0 By

Beijing Business Daily (Reporter Yang Yuehan Lu Yinling) On March 17, the Information Office of The Beijing Municipal People’s Government held a press conference to officially release the Outline of Beijing’s Scientific Literacy Action Plan (2021-2035) (hereinafter referred to as the Outline).Sima Hong, executive vice chairman of The Beijing Association for Science and Technology, introduced that Beijing will carry out activities to improve the scientific quality of the elderly.With the focus on improving information literacy and health literacy, the elderly’s scientific and technological literacy needs should be addressed to improve their ability to adapt to social development, so that they can learn, enjoy and do things in their old age.According to the outline, Beijing will provide wisdom services for the elderly through various media, stations, airports, parks, banks, hospitals, shopping malls and other life scenes.Around the elderly daily life involves the matters of high frequency, the organization carries out accurate diversity of popular science activities, from the daily application of science and technology, the network knowledge, prevent fraud, smartphones and other Angle design training content of science and technology, encourage volunteers into the community, into the countryside, help the elderly to promote access to information, identify and use ability.Give full play to the role of intergenerational learning and improve the information literacy of the elderly by “assisting the elderly in small ways”.In addition, the health promotion week for the elderly has been organized, and health popularization education has been carried out for the elderly, so as to promote health popularization among the elderly in communities, villages and families.Media resources are widely used to spread knowledge about nutrition, food safety, mental health, physical exercise, rational drug use and emergency response, improve the health literacy of the elderly, and establish a platform for sharing education resources for the elderly.