200 days countdown to the Asian Games space to take you to experience the atmosphere of the Asian Games

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With the Asian Games approaching, the demand of the whole people to jointly share the wonderful Asian Games is becoming more and more intense.On February 21st, Hangzhou Urban Management Bureau, together with 14 district and county governments (management committees), held a 200-day countdown event to warm up the space for the Asian Games, creating an atmosphere of public attention, public participation, public support and public welcome the Asian Games, so that more people can feel the strong Chinese culture, Hangzhou characteristics and the Spirit of the Asian Games.Follow the below small make up together to feel the hot atmosphere ~ the games we use the city’s public welfare propaganda “triple platform” outdoor screen, scroll to broadcast the games watching space culture propaganda, the part of the screen with CCTV sports programs also live wires, strong Asian games viewing space atmosphere, expand the social influence,Let a person stop can feel the Asian Games enthusiasm, appreciate the beauty of the city.Linping District Asian Games promotional video broadcast cultural performances and catwalks for the Asian Games momentum, cheer.A series of Asian Games theme song and dance performances were staged in turn, drawing applause from the audience.Song and dance “together to the future” COSPLAY hip-hop + catwalk rhythmic gymnastics “Waiting for you to come” Xianghu Zhuma Celebrate Asian Games calligraphy and painting, hand-drawn on the Asian Games unique style.A vivid image, profound meaning of the works to show the hearts of the citizens of the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games, but also expressed their eager expectations and good wishes for the Asian Games, but also shorten the distance between the citizens and the Asian Games.Students painting exhibition games against Asian games Asian games Asian games theme embroidery creation theme calligraphy creation theme paper-cut creation by exhibition games knowledge by exhibition wall paint Asian games, in the form of historical and cultural context, classification and displays the information of the Asian games, the paralympics, carry forward the “Chinese characteristics, zhejiang, hangzhou lasting appeal, colorful” spirit of the games.You can also participate in the Knowledge contest to win souvenirs, which further inspires the enthusiasm of “everyone participates in the Asian Games, everyone helps the Asian Games”.”Cuju” exhibition card “Shooting ceremony” exhibition card “Spring Festival Dragon Dance” Exhibition card Asian Games folk culture fan sports events colorful Space for the Asian Games watching sports events live for the Asian Games warm up.The large screen in the viewing space of the Asian Games synchronously broadcast the CCTV sports channel events, allowing citizens to experience a different viewing effect, which was praised by the audience.The glass curtain wall live broadcast events and the outdoor large screen live broadcast sports performances, so that The Chinese elements and the Spirit of the Asian Games perfectly blend.There are the Chinese Tai Chi, which embodies the iron wrapped in cotton, waiting for work, and the integration of Yin and Yang, as well as the fashionable and modern dynamic sports.Dynamic exercise tai Chi sword tai Chi fan sports interactive experience for the Asian Games add interesting charm.There are various forms of parent-child interactive games, as well as all kinds of sports competitions for different ages, and all kinds of fun games.Curling experience cuju experience in archery lunar New Year dragon dance games merchandise walk to the Asian games on the full of beautiful things in merchandise stalls, was rocked by ultra-high popularity here, small stall, not only have deliberately to experience the “wind” Asian games sports enthusiasts and collectors, there are many foreign tourists to travel in hangzhou, shopping the crowd waiting in long lines to bring home games.All kinds of Asian Games licensed goods into the Asian Games space to feel the beauty of the Asian Games 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games still have 200 days, let us full of passion, strive to meet the Arrival of the Asian Games refueling!