Zhao Benshan’s daughter revealed she broke up with her fiance and spent 20 million yuan a year on him

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Recently, Zhao Benshan’s youngest daughter Qiu Qiu announced that she had broken up with her boyfriend during a live broadcast.That day, Qiu Qiu with delicate makeup tied her hair, sitting in front of the sofa is very casual, originally planned to talk with fans as usual Qiu Qiu said he had broken up with her fiance when talking about the emotional state, mood from the initial calm to difficult to let go, looking very distressed.Qiuqiu’s relationship with her ex-boyfriend was seen by a national audience from the moment they announced their relationship in April last year to the moment they proposed two months later.When feeling thick ball ball said definitely want to get married within a year, even if unmarried pregnant also has no relation, but now also but a year time, two people on displeasure, a sigh.In addition to announcing her new single status, Qiu qiu also accounted for her spending with her boyfriend for a year in front of the live broadcast audience. She said she kept a record of their spending. The total amount she spent in the past year was 50 million yuan, of which 20 million yuan was spent on her boyfriend.I’m afraid everyone is shocked to see here, the ball ball money intensity can be described as a spendthrift.It is worth mentioning that, because of the breakup, Qiuqiu qiuqiu publicly demanded compensation from her ex-boyfriend in the live broadcast room, in order to make him pay back the money he spent on him.It is reported that the ball ball’s fiance is a small rich second generation, the family has several suites in Shenyang, once also went abroad to study, when the trainee, but the family and can buy a private plane zhao Jiabi is small, do not know whether the man can bear the claim.The ball ball’s character must be how much we have heard, very straightforward, careless love brain.Based on this, Zhao Benshan and his wife also did not less advised her daughter, zhao Benshan once said he did not recognize the ball ball boyfriend, because the other side is idle love to play games, will spend energy on makeup, no masculinity, but can not stand his daughter fell in love, which also listen to the advice.Earlier, Qiu Qiu was still searching for her boyfriend on the Internet, claiming that her father did not agree with her boyfriend and her boyfriend began to hide her, and the story spread. Finally, some even claimed that Zhao Benshan hid his son-in-law and demanded a bride price of 5 billion yuan in order to prevent his daughter from getting married.After all, not many people in the world can reach the astronomical figure of 5 billion.Zhao Benshan is second to none in the position of literary and art circle, early years rely on his ability to earn a pot full bowl full, now over 60 he has rarely appeared, so we will look at his twin children, as it happens the ball ball and when the net red for livelihood, attention naturally rose.Although Zhao benshan earns a lot, his daily expenses are not much. He often wears old clothes and sits on the white kang in his hometown. Instead, niu Niu and Qiu Qiu spend money and become famous.In a previous video, Qiu Qiu showed how much money she could spend in a shopping mall in a day. She spent 640,000 yuan on cosmetics, jewelry and clothes as she shuttled from brand to brand.And sister shopping consumption is different, brother Niuniu will spend most of the money in the anchor reward, not long ago he was exposed one day to an anchor reward 130,000, and the ranking of the second fault, before this niuniu had been addicted to a female anchor, threw a lot of money, but two people are not together.Although zhao is not short of money, but the ball ball spent on her ex-boyfriend is not a small amount of money, I believe that if not forced to she will not claim to the other side, I hope ball ball can get through the situation as soon as possible.