Zhang Hanyun wearing black and white looking also quite sweet, good temperament is to wear out, middle-aged so charming

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# Fashion around # What to wear today ## What to wear today # How to wear a simple color with full appeal that in style and other aspects of embellish, can be designed to just touch the thigh will let the slender legs show an advantage.You can also accentuate the tone with a white pattern embellished with black vertical stripes, such as plaid and shiny pendants.Or you can design the dress into a square neckline that highlights the temperament to set off the French style, so look at Zhang Hanyun’s simple wear first.Zhang Hanyun wearing black and white looking also quite sweet, good temperament is to wear out, middle-aged so charming.Zhang Hanyun can also present a sweet effect in black and white tones. Her white top is designed with short fluffy embellishments, with a wide pattern covering the buttocks, but without any tacky feeling.And in the inside of the match with pure white toned slim inside and used to modify the leg type of black trousers and shiny micro long Martin boots, the temperament is really handsome and with excellent temperament, half-mature age women can also become a charming temperament.Finisher zhang hanyun simple tonal build exaggerated fluffy coat coat is simple but with a white coat with exaggeration and lovely feeling, the first is the tonal become slightly yellowing and let it appear natural and white with a lovely feeling, but also material design to turn it into a short nap material not only has a warm feeling and will make a lovely feeling stupid,And the layout is also with a wide effect and even you can’t see the hands under the cuff will appear with a cute effect.Such a long coat for tall girls is to contain temperament and aura existence, but for small little girls will have a lovely feeling.Highlight figure show thin wear build and even if it is outside build is to contain bloated feeling but inside build is to contain dye-in-the-wood fine effect however.Take the pure white inside that its inside design decorates figure completely, and just use a few pockets to regard as the adornment that does not have a pattern instead can let white also contain the feeling of wind house, and the lower part of the body is dark slim trousers outfit, black trousers outfit besides can see slender figure still can be most highlight young trousers outfit to wear build.Shoes are high-heeled Martens embellished in reflective tones that not only elevate the overall figure but also give it a different sense of style.Other modern decoration with the short plush material modification under the white coat of the modified model is low-key but with the other feeling, it was long with a modelling with yellow or silver modification of dye can appear also has the unique feeling, just under the cool modelling seemingly without makeup makeup for modification.For the white but yellowing coat, it can be decorated with a large silver with a chain and a black bag with a larger capacity. Although simple, it is fashionable to wear a blogger.Know Zhang Hanyun has finally how beautiful, white fur coat matchs narrow leg pants, melting feeling blows on one’s face and come.Originally simple to wear but can wear a not simple at the same time or with a sense of advanced fashion, really know how beautiful Zhang Hanyun.Among its coat designed with the pure white color effect of the highlighted with yellow color to highlight a lovely and tender feeling, at the same time, both inside and outside width white take a completely different cultivate one’s morality and modified legs of cultivate one’s morality pants with extremely high shiny black Martin boots, was a simple black and white, but there is a very sweet feeling will be rush.When choosing pure white as the color of the dress, Zhang Hanyun designs the layout of her dress in a sexy and sweet way.From the sleeve and upper body are conservative style decoration, it will appear that the whole person is carrying the feeling of darling.And lower body is short skirt format will make sexy body with full of feeling, but also in the waist on both sides of the are doing with the move up and down the fold as a modification for dress, with a contracted style of high heels are all look very clean, with long black hair is the fashionable feeling of innocence.Wear it doesn’t matter take techniques are all black but in design is enough outstanding, coat of format design is like the women’s sexy tight, but it can be sleeveless top designed microstrip ellipse shape large enough gouges where whole pieces were missing, moderate gouges where whole pieces were missing design not only makes the whole body skin with the window.At the same time, in the process of showing the slim waist, the skirt is enough to design with style, with the black suit material with false pocket design, as well as the middle opening design and short sexy skirt are enough to present other styles.Striped white dress or simple colors can be matched with the feeling of professional temperament, and the suit of the jacket is designed to be slim but long enough. The design of buttons can highlight the dominant waist, but the suit can be made with the sexy of big sister through long style.And in the micro long suit can be designed under the same texture of loose shorts, and the whole wearing of the choice of light white as the background color can be designed on the light black vertical stripes to do the fine repair, otherwise only the white suit wearing will inevitably make the whole with embarrassing effect.Summary of wearing skills say that simple color wearing is with pure and pleasing to the eye, but if you just choose simple tricolor and do not choose to modify it will certainly not fashion, so it is quick to learn some skills with technical wearing skills.