Voice and response | mud road impact travel, Taiping Village, Chengguan Town, Hanyin: already in repair

2022-06-01 0 By

Recently, Ms. LAN, who lives in Taiping village, Chengguan Town, Hanyin County, reported to Huashang Daily, two or three miles of information that there is a muddy road between four and five groups in his village, which is very inconvenient when it rains. It has been several months and no one has come to repair it.”About 300 meters, due to disputes between group 4 and 5, the construction of the project was blocked several times by group 4. Village officials also came several times to say that it was repaired, but they did not see it repaired.””Ms. LAN said.It is understood that this section of road is the taiping village into the county seat of a main road, connecting the 4, 5 groups of this section of road is narrower than other sections, and there are houses built on the side of the road, there are some changes, as a result of rain became a muddy road.On this matter, Huashang daily · Ersanli information reporter contacted the village branch secretary LAN Benchao, he said that there is indeed this matter, the mud road situation is the recent months of things, now the two groups have been adjusted, the road has been repaired.”In addition to the two groups failed to reach an agreement, the road was raised due to the construction of a school nearby. Now the road has been repaired and lowered.Because the villagers required the cement pavement to harden, the pavement has been widened and leveled. After the subgrade of this section of road is compacted, the construction will harden.”Lambenchao said.Later, the reporter will learn the situation of feedback to Ms. LAN, she said that she hoped that this section of the road can be started as soon as possible, convenient for villagers to travel.Hua Shang Bao reporter Cheng Bin editor Guo Zhongyan