Linyi public so-and-so, Zhu Mou, arrest

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Special sticking on the two suspects freak show that sells food, vegetables and other agricultural products of the elderly, the use of counterfeit, diddle property, recently, liuzhuang fei county public security bureau police station, cooperate Ma Zhuang police station, squat down in a row, a man and a woman will be two suspects arrested on the spot, seized counterfeit money 18000 yuan, for a loss has been tricked the old man in a timely manner.A few days ago, fei County Mazhuang town of more than 80 years old Zhao Lao Han couple in Liuzhuang fair to sell peanuts subsidies, home only to find that the 500 yuan in cash received is counterfeit, more let them be miserable, also found that before mazhuang fair received 400 yuan in cash is false.Cheated amount is not big, but this is zhao old man for a year of hard farming hard money, sad, zhao old man called the police.After receiving the alarm, Liuzhuang police station, Mazhuang police station together in time to work, the police according to zhao Laohan alarm description, timely access to the market around the monitoring, careful analysis, a red electric tricycle was brought into the line of sight, the tricycle features are very obvious.The police are looking for people in the car, tracking, squatting for 4 days, find out the action track of this electric tricycle, and finally locked a male and a female two suspects.On January 27, the two suspects drove the red electric tricycle to daji to commit the crime again, squatting police decisive action, on the road will be two suspects arrested at one fell fell, on the spot in two people found carrying fake money more than 2000 yuan.Subsequently, the police take advantage of the attack, and in the home of two suspects found a counterfeit currency.As the two criminal suspects and so-and-so, Zhu Mou some since January 15, 2022, carry false coin, ride electric tricycle, bolting to Ma Zhuang county, liuzhuang county fei county around the market, such as picking the awareness of the elderly, adopt the method of “whole for zero”, using counterfeit, diddle property, frequently commit crime.At present, two criminal suspects have been detained.Source: Fei County Public Security Bureau