Foreign Ministry: China has three consistent propositions on the Ukrainian issue

2022-06-01 0 By

Source: xinhua xinhua Beijing on March 25 (reporter Zhu Chao, Ma Zhuoyan) Wang Wenbin 25, foreign ministry spokesman, said China has always been in Ukraine issue starting from the merits of the thing itself, to ease the situation, defuse the crisis and rebuild peace, always advocates peace is most precious, security is indivisible, dealing with international relations should not be a double standard.Q: On March 24, the NATO Summit issued a joint statement, calling on all countries including China to uphold the international order, including the principles of safeguarding sovereignty and territorial integrity enshrined in the UN Charter, to refrain from giving any support to Russia’s acts of war and helping Russia evade sanctions.What is China’s comment on that?”We have always maintained that nothing is more precious than peace.”‘The most urgent thing is to stop the fighting and dialogue and negotiation is the most realistic and feasible way,’ Mr. Wang said.The international community should encourage both sides to talk, not fight.Further escalation of the conflict will only cause more casualties and serves no one’s interests. Escalating sanctions will only benefit a small number of people, but the general public will suffer.”We have always argued that security is indivisible.”‘To engage in group confrontation and seek absolute security is precisely what leads to the most insecure consequences,’ Mr. Wang said.Ukraine should be a bridge between east and West, not the front line of great power play.Instead of redrawing the dividing line between east and West, European countries should strive to build a balanced, effective and sustainable regional security architecture.The United States and NATO should be talking to Russia, not fighting a new cold war.”We have always maintained that there should be no double standards in handling international relations.”‘Ukraine’s sovereignty and security should be safeguarded, And Russia’s legitimate security concerns should also be respected,’ Mr. Wang said. ‘Peace and stability in Europe should be safeguarded, as should those of other countries.’You can’t say you’re against war and then go around waging war.While claiming to maintain peace, the same time wanton destruction of peace.Wang wenbin said that China has played a constructive role on the Ukrainian issue.We uphold justice, seek peace and take a long-term view.We support dialogue and negotiation, actively provide humanitarian assistance to Ukraine and other affected countries, and stand ready to work with the international community for an early political settlement of the Ukrainian crisis.We call on all parties concerned to remain calm, exercise restraint, demonstrate political will, let reason prevail over emotion, vision prevail over short-sightedness, and common interests prevail over individual self-interest. We call on all parties concerned to cease fire and end war at an early date, avoid civilian casualties, prevent a wider humanitarian crisis, and work together for lasting peace and stability in Europe and the world at large.”China’s position is consistent with the wishes of most countries.We oppose groundless accusations and suspicion against China and will not accept any pressure or coercion.Time will prove that China’s claim is on the right side of history.”He said.