Equipped with 2.0T+6AT, providing L2 level autonomous driving, selling 165,800, BYD Tang Xiang not xiang?

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In the domestic car market, who gives the best impression of their own brand models?I believe that in addition to Geely, the Great Wall, is BYD, and NOW BYD’s achievements in new energy vehicles are also very good, but its gasoline vehicles are also not bad, such as BYD’s first flagship model BYD Tang.Byd Tang is now only one model on sale, that is 2021 2.0T automatic flagship, the guide price of 165,800, let’s have a look.Tang in the appearance of the design is still very characteristic, at the same time more classic, the front of the large size of the net grille using multi-banner structure, has a good sense of fashion, the top joined a flying wing like chrome strip, has been extended to the two sides of the lamp group above, a “dragon eyebrow” feeling.The shape of the lamp set is also quite unique. The interior adopts multi-lens horizontal arrangement design, providing matrix LED near-far light, supporting adaptive near-far light and automatic headlight, as well as rain and fog mode, irregular daytime running light is also very recognizable.The front is surrounded by a rounded, three-section grille design. The grille on both sides is decorated with closed processing and L-shaped chrome plating strip. The middle bottom is also designed with a silver guard plate.The side design is also quite full, using the double waist line design, the upper waist line extends from the front wing to the rear door, while its roof began to slide from pillar A, although the slide is relatively slow, but still has A slip back feeling.The body size of the car is 4870/1940/1720mm and the wheelbase is 2820mm, which is not an advantage for a medium-sized SUV.The car also has a 20-inch dual five-spoke wheel rims and gun grey finish, which is visually dynamic and has 245/45 R20 tires.Phase compared to the rear of the car is simple, and narrow width design make it has a good sense of stocky, the rear lights of the car used throughout the design, overall very have stereo feeling, and has carried on the blackened processing, after all the LED light source light has a good visual effect, more exotic is tail lights at the bottom of the English logo logo,And the roof is also added to the design of the rear wing.After surrounding a little more stereo sense, the bottom black surrounded area is not big, the middle bottom also has silver protection plate, exhaust also used hidden design.Interior design is very have a sense of luxury, instrument panel is to minimize the use of physical buttons, appear to be simple, and it also used a more through type design, administrative levels feeling and to be more rich, for the car’s materials is very solid, basic it is soft materials, the facade using bright black trim, coupled with matte texture panel, use the leather at the bottom of the package,Add the same color stitching process, the overall texture performance is very good, relatively fine.Two flat type steering wheel structure is also very rare, now USES the double color stitching design, luxurious feeling is good, and joined a piece at the bottom of the ornament is big bright black panel, and disk image using the leather package, feel is exquisite, the size of the multifunction button is bigger, also USES the Chinese label, is very convenient to operate.Meter uses a 12.3-inch LCD design, UI style design is also very fancy, but the layout is still very clear, easy to view the vehicle information.The 12.8-inch center screen, which is byd’s preferred floating design, also supports rotation, and has a narrow bezel that makes it visually appealing.The screen is equipped with DiLink 3.0 vehicle and machine system. The UI design is relatively simple, and its built-in functions are relatively rich, which are supported by mainstream apps at present, and its expansibility is relatively good.In addition, the performance of configuration is moderate, passive safety provides a total of 6 airbags to support the reality of tire pressure, and active safety functions are relatively rich, the mainstream intelligent systems are equipped with, such as active braking, road traffic identification and so on.In addition to the basic front and rear parking radar, there is also the realization of L2 autonomous driving, which includes the full speed adaptive cruise system.7 as a model, which USES 2 + 3 + 2 seating layout, driving the current layout is the highest, in the practical front row seat adopts double color Mosaic design, overall on the vision also appears relatively full, back design is wide, at the same time support the front seats are electric adjustment, but the main driving seat adjustable to 8, the co-pilot seat only 4 to,Equipped with heating and ventilation functions.The second row of seats has no difference in style, with armrests and headrests in the middle. The second row of seats also supports adjustment of front, back and back. The seat cushion of the third row is very thin, which is a little poor in comfort.Performance for the space, height 182 cm experience of sitting in the front row space only remaining three refers to the head, slightly, while the second row of seats in the head space is still in 3, the leg space the most 2 punch above, in the middle of the floor is flat, the middle seat comfort is not influence, sit in the third row, the head space and leg space is very limited,The car’s head is on top and its legs are pushed against the back of the second-row seat, but it offers a reasonably large panoramic sunroof that makes it less oppressive for the rear passengers.Under normal conditions, the space in the trunk can still put some small items, but the third row of seats in a 50:50 ratio is also very neat, this state has a good storage space, and the second row of seats can also be repositioned, for the flexibility of space is very good.The car uses the code BYD487ZQB 2.0t turbocharged engine, the engine power maximum 141kW (192Ps), peak torque 320N·m, matching the relatively high stability of the six-block automatic transmission, this power system is relatively easy to drive, throttle response is also very sensitive,However, in the middle and rear section of the acceleration is a little slow, the speed needs to be relatively high, and the smoothness of the gearbox is good, but the shift speed still needs to be improved.Chassis suspension using macpherson after multi-link structure, adjustment biased comfort, but in the early driving section or hard.In general, THERE is good confidence in BYD’s products. Although BYD has been using tang’s appearance design for a long time, it still does not lag behind, and the interior is also followed up. The overall luxury sense is very good, and the vehicle configuration is in line with this price, and even a little rich.And the application of power system is completely no problem, it is very easy to drive, but it still needs to use some thought in the tuning, and its late maintenance cost is relatively low.