District supply and marketing cooperatives: do a good job of agricultural resources reserve to ensure spring farming for

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Spring returns to earth and all things revive.Nowadays, it is a good season for spring ploughing.Chemical fertilizer is the “grain” of grain, and the guarantee of agricultural resources directly affects the annual harvest of farmers.To further play a role of main channel of agricultural capital management, good service area agricultural materials supply work, improve the service level of agricultural production, safflower or stick to farming, planning ahead, actively do a good job in agricultural capital reserve earnestly fulfill their duties of agricultural capital guarantee for steady price and fully guarantee all kinds of agricultural materials supply, completes the spring farming preparation work, good start to ensure agricultural production.Recently, the reporter saw in zunyi City He Zhan Agricultural Materials Co., LTD., a wholly owned enterprise directly under the District Supply and Marketing Cooperative, that all kinds of agricultural materials needed for spring farming, such as chemical fertilizers, pesticides and other neatly stacked in the warehouse, these reserves of agricultural materials will be put into the market in March or so, play the role of light storage for prosperity, suppress market prices and help farmers increase income.”In order to make enough agricultural resources and ensure supply, we have actively performed our duties to carry out the storage of chemical fertilizers. At present, we have stored 4,100 tons of urea, 45% compound fertilizer, calcium and other chemical fertilizers. We have organized and arranged four distribution vehicles, including two for the distribution of chemical fertilizers and two for the distribution of pesticides.The relevant person in charge of zhunyi joint exhibition agricultural materials co., LTD., said they also give full play to the towns (street) agricultural materials supply level, the role of village (social) agricultural materials service point, town, village, group of conditional take telephone booking, timely delivery, door-to-door delivery and other measures to solve the farmers the procurement needs of the masses, to ensure spring fertilizer supply and normal transportation, not let the supply link of obstruction.At the same time, the company will also in subsequent ZhongYangShi process, provide land disinfection fertilizer, film laying, seedlings, planting, field management, pest control, such as technical guidance, the possible problems in the process of development, put forward the scientific and effective measures to cope with the situation, keep the production, supply and sale of docking, realize agricultural income, farmers’ income, better service “three agriculture”.The reporter understands, to ensure the smooth progress of the spring planting area of SMC in the agricultural capital reserves to early plan, early preparation, and the arrangement, until the end of last year to carry out the agricultural capital actively planning, on the basis of market research play a “light ChuWang for” function, arrange subordinates agricultural capital business and service networks in advance reserve financing, increase the intensity of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and other major agricultural materials procurement dispatching,We will reserve agricultural supplies and prepare for market supply for spring farming.At the same time, we should pay close attention to the transportation and distribution of agricultural materials, and require reserve enterprises to always keep in mind the purpose of serving agriculture, actively fulfill the social responsibility of ensuring supply and stable price of agricultural materials, and better serve spring farming production.At present, the agricultural supplies enterprises belonging to the district supply and Marketing cooperatives and agricultural supplies service points of grass-roots villages (cooperatives) have sufficient reserves of pesticides and fertilizers to meet the demand for agricultural materials for spring ploughing production in Honghuagang District, laying a solid foundation for the smooth progress of spring ploughing production.Reporter: Luo Xiaoshan editor: Luo Xiaoshan proofread: Zhou Bin review: Yan Xuebin Li Rumin pay attention to “colorful red granite” a voice of the public number!