“Can let thousands of peace, no matter how hard I am willing!”

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The Spring Festival, changning public security police stick to their posts, busy as before.For them, the New Year is actually a “working year”, and this kind of perseverance, for the residents, adds a peaceful “New Year” flavor.On the morning of February 5, a long queue formed outside tongren Hospital on Xianxia West Road.Although the Spring Festival holiday is not over yet, the number of people coming for nucleic acid testing is increasing day by day according to the policy of rework during the Spring Festival travel rush.”Queue detection of the team, once from linquan Road detection gate row to xianxia west road.”At the moment, Changning public security traffic police three brigade deputy captain Liang Yan has been on duty here from 6 o ‘clock in the morning.Liang Yan said that in order to ensure the hospital and the surrounding road order, to avoid the detection queue crowded and road congestion, the traffic police squad in Linquan Road and Quankou Road original parking space added temporary parking space, at the same time opened up an emergency parking lot, basically able to meet the parking needs of the detection personnel.”If the flow of people detected reaches the upper threshold, the traffic police on duty will also carry out temporary traffic control on Linquan Road.”Liang Yan introduced.Xinjing police Station police Luo Xuewen, Xu Tianyang “armed to the teeth” in the sidewalk line waiting for the detection of the masses, and medical staff to remind attention to open a safe distance.”In fact, the site is not a large area, but it can handle thousands of tests a day.”As a local police station, the police of Xinjing Police Station actively cooperate with the hospital to adjust the detection point and surrounding security measures for the flow of people in a timely manner, adjust the import and export for one-way circulation, strictly prevent the flow of people “stranded caking” to form a hedge.Not only that, with the increasing number of queuing, Xinjing police station has also improved the level of response, more police, to achieve safety protection “no dead corner”.For the members of the Special police detachment of Changning Public Security, this year’s Spring Festival is their second Spring Festival spent at the airport.Tang Minjun, a special police officer who was named “Shanghai’s advanced Individual against COVID-19” last year, said they arranged several more escort shifts than usual, even on New Year’s Eve, as they were responsible for the important task of escorting airport transfers.”People who come back on New Year’s Eve are anxious to return home. We are very pleased that we were able to get people home earlier after working hard.”In the same city, but not with their families.Swat team members Fan Xudong and Tang Qi can only use a video phone to call their families, they said, can be stationed at the airport to guard against the epidemic, both swat team members and their families are very proud.”This is our responsibility as police officers, but also as communist party members.”In the spinning big residential area, the annual “spinning big carnival”, so that the community police Sun Ligang and residents together feel the warmth of the family.”We make and eat dumplings together, which is very lively.”Sun ligang said many foreign residents have not returned home for a long time because of the epidemic.To ease their homesickness, spinning Carnival can make them have a happy year.During the Spring Festival, there are a lot of community affairs, Sun Ligang said goodbye to every resident who participated in the activities, and hurried back to the police office.Later, he became Baymax and joined a team of three to tell a quarantined resident who had been transported back to his home.Sun ligang said, for “original year people” from all over the country, the community to celebrate the New Year more a different taste.* Reproduced from “Shanghai Changning” Peace Changning wish you peace look forward to your support “watching”