Born in a military family, Hubei baby served in the navy, won the first new training, retired after the entrance examination of prestigious schools

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In the uniform of glory, the ideal takes root.From the moment I decided to join the army, I stayed true to my original aspiration and cared about the people.Born in a military family, he was determined to join the army and continue the military spirit of patriotism for the people.In the barracks, he overcame hardships and setbacks, constantly tempered himself in the melting pot of the army, and gained honor and recognition.He is Gaoming Dun, a first-year graduate student of human geography in college of Urban and Environmental Sciences of Hubei Normal University.Gaoming Ton, who served at the Naval Experimental Training Base from 2016 to 2018, is now a postgraduate student majoring in human Geography at the College of Urban and Environmental Sciences.During the military service, I was awarded the first place in the new training of the Navy in the Northern Theater Command. I participated in the communication support tasks of the actual combat training and testing of various weapons and equipment, such as several submarines and multi-type missiles, and performed well in the military service.Continuation of military dream, small family for a big country Gaoming dun was born in a military family, the father are committed to protecting the country and the people.Influenced by the family atmosphere, the idea of serving the country and the supreme glory was rooted in his heart since childhood.After adulthood, Gaoming actively enlisted in the army, after layers of selection, he wished to join the People’s Navy, completed by “people” to “soldier”, by “soldier” to “soldier” metamorphosis.As a soldier offspring, Gaoming ton strict requirements for their own high standards, do their best to complete the training task, do not live up to the expectations of their fathers.His assiduous efforts were finally praised by his superiors and comrades in arms.Military dream in the hands of gaoming ton family transmission, they will be loyal to retain in the blood, the spirit of serving the people engraved in the heart.His family is a vivid example of the relationship between home and country: a small family fighting for the country!Camp life is full of challenges, and Gaoming ton is in this challenge to temper will, cast soldier spirit.In addition to his daily training, Gaudon had to swim in the cold.He often spent three to four hours in the freezing water, sometimes losing consciousness due to lack of oxygen to his brain. After being rescued, he had to continue training. After each training session, his hands and feet were white and swollen, and his skin was dark purple.But this did not let Gaomton complain, give up, he gritted his teeth to overcome difficulties, in continuous training, master the skills of swimming.Neither the cold weather, the rugged mountain roads, nor the rough conditions, nor the countless training, gaudton did not regret becoming a soldier.He understood, “Bao Jianfeng from honed out, plum blossom incense from the bitter cold”.It is in the face of adversity brave persistence, courageously, just cast now shining of their own.For Gaudon, it is the duty of a soldier to always think of the people.When he was working in a communications unit, he was cut in the head during a mission and lost a lot of blood. Before doctors could operate, an injured child was also taken to hospital.Due to the lack of emergency doctors, he asked them to sew up the children first, while his hands and feet began to get cold from the time he had lost blood.Of his decision, Garton said, “I always keep in mind my original mission as a soldier.”After retiring from the army in 2018, Gaoming don also does not forget the soldier’s original intention, he often goes to the home compound to do services within his power, such as helping the elderly, cleaning up waste, epidemic prevention and security, he will bring the soldier spirit to every corner of life, always perform the original soldier oath, truly consistent.2022 Spring Recruitment Publicity Week of Hubei Normal University youth from suffering and brilliant, life sublimated by struggle!It is the duty of every young person of the right age to defend and consolidate the country’s national defense, and it is the glorious duty of every citizen to perform military service in accordance with the law.Hubei Normal University attaches great importance to the recruitment of students to join the army. In order to vigorously carry out the recruitment activity in the spring of 2022, hubei Normal University has continuously increased recruitment publicity and mobilization efforts to fully stimulate the enthusiasm of college students to join the army.In the future, there will be more outstanding students like Gaoming actively respond to the call of the country, combine their personal dream with the dream of a powerful country and a strong army, and write a splendid chapter of youth without regret in the barracks!Source: Hubei Normal University