Three new energy vehicles will be launched in 2022. Will the new king be the “king of electric bath”?

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With the global advocacy of green travel, more and more car companies will shift their focus from fuel vehicles to new energy vehicles, and more and more car users choose new energy vehicles.Facts prove that no matter how much we miss fuel car, fuel car era has passed, new energy car has begun our travel life.According to the statistics of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, the production and sales of new energy vehicles from 2013 to 2021 exceeded 3.5 million units. With the support of national policies, new energy vehicles mushroomed like a hundred flowers.In particular, in 2021, it sold 1,575,000 units in a single year, during which it produced Krypton 001, Xiaopeng G9, BYD Song Pro DM-I, HIPHI X…Now the New Year has passed, and there will be new models in 2022. I have selected three popular models, and let’s talk about who will be the new king of new energy vehicles.The LYRIQ is Cadillac’s first all-electric car.The pre-sale price of the new car is 439,700 yuan, with a deposit of 1,190 yuan. Prospective customers can order more than 2,000 units in a short period of time through the Cadillac App or wechat mini program.Like new force car companies are online booking offline car delivery.Deliveries will begin in 2022.Transparent sales, convenient for consumers, do not give middlemen to earn price difference.Front face light badge, 736 LED form large size light front face, personality fighter tail light.Second kill traditional rigid lighting, no matter Mercedes Benz three-fork beacon, or Rolls Royce Golden statue, are not so avant-garde eye.Full of sense of science and technology and the future of the shape of men and women killed, let the appearance of the level party to get rid of the title of brainless car selection, more talented face.The headlights are made of narrow lenses that are even more impressive than the famous tear-eye headlights of old, and you basically know it’s a Cadillac when you see it.Coupe SUV style, avant-garde than the traditional fuel car, but not out of the era modelling strange people can not accept, the scale of aesthetic grasp.In the car, a large screen without cutting breaks the traditional design of separate instrument and main screen, and a single screen integrates the functions of the instrument panel main screen.AKG sound system is installed in the car. The headrest of the car is equipped with two speakers on the left and right, and the hi-fi sound effect is unique.The “smell” you hear here is something you don’t experience on any other car.Ideal X01: standard GLS, large science and technology monster ideal X01 appearance summary is a word – “big”, before the ideal with ideal ONE less is more concept, a configuration and Nio Xiaopeng compete with each other, visible ideal products can especially play.But the market changes quickly, this, the Internet began to warm up the ideal of the second car – ideal X01.Ideal X01 pricing 350-500,000, the current network spread “spy photos” as above, the data shows that ideal X01 positioning as a large six-seat SUV, 52000mmX1998mmX1800mm, wheelbase 3100mm, in space has surpassed the Range Rover, the standard GLS, feel Li Xiang is full of ideal.Theoretically, it could reach L4 for assisted driving.Ideal X01 is equipped with Qualcomm 8155 chip, OLED dual-screen, HUD, TouchBar and two-row screen, forming five-screen interconnection. It has 12 8M cameras, 128 lidar, 5 millimeter wave, 12 ultrasound and 1 DMS.Full vehicle safety and assisted driving are taken to a terrifying level with such high-tech features, like the Anti-Hulk armor in the Avengers, a tech monster.Replace the original three cylinder, use four cylinder engine.The ideal ONE’s much-mocked use of a three-cylinder engine, which turns a bit on its head because of the logo.Ideal X01 will be equipped with a 1.5T four-cylinder engine, with dual motors as the driving power, 100km acceleration of 3.8 seconds, big also has a large speed.Volkswagen Aero B: Electric Passat?With the launch of the Volkswagen ID series in 2021, vw has a niche in electric SUVs, followed by its new friend, the Aero B.Some people jokingly call it an electric Passat, but I think it’s better to call it an electric Faon, because it has no problem with the C-class space, with a length of 5163mm and a wheelbase of 3100mm, which the Passat doesn’t have.The concept image shows the streamlined body, which is equipped with penetrating LED daytime running lights on the front and long and narrow lights on both sides, paired with the luminous brand Logo.The two-color paint design of the roof and body makes it look similar to the visual effect of the suspended roof. It is more youthful and sporty, and has surpassed the recognized most beautiful Volkswagen CC. With the appearance level and the market foundation and strong capital of Volkswagen over the years, I am quite expecting it.Although there is not much information exposed at present, we can also see Volkswagen’s ambition in new energy vehicles. Whether Volkswagen can do this time, let’s wait and see.The momentum of new energy vehicles is strong. The three models I choose are relatively unique and are the masters of their own brands. At present, the exposure information is still limited, so you can continue to follow me to learn the latest car information.There are many models are also commendable, such as Tesla, Xiaopeng, Xiaomi cars and so on, as the saying goes, there is no best, but there is the most suitable for their own, the comment area say you are most optimistic about new energy vehicles, we study together.