The world: The return of Luo Shibin!Accidentally seeing your own son?The blood is in his blood. He’s got something to do

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Originally said not to return to the northeast Luo Shibin, but still in the missing year after year returned home!Unexpectedly however in this return home process, met oneself that since be born only once, interval this many years have not met one’s own son — Zhou Nan, oh not, should call him Luo Nan!But this across the river of time to meet, did not let Luo Shibin at a glance to recognize the eyes of the child who made him feel kind is his own son, just from the child’s voice and smile action aroused his own feelings of missing their children.Side that dress luxuriant, beautiful beautiful beautiful pillow side beauty also half joke type of say: “perhaps that is your son?”Is immersed in the memory of the birth of the son of luo Shibin immediately reaction: beauty this is angry – hurriedly way: “next year, we also give birth to a child of their own.”In the original: Luo Shibin and the beautiful woman seem to have no children, in the middle age of the body is becoming more and more powerless, Luo Shibin started to find his own son.At that time, he returned to the area where the photon film was located, but the difference was that now Luo Shibin was returning home as an investor.(And whether in surface or in secret, they are completely crushing the existence of Chow Bingkun.His idea of pillage Zhou Nan seems effortless under such a vast physical efficiency……..!).In that time period, luo Shibin’s reappearance, let the zhou Bingkun of already accustomed calm life be taken by surprise, even zhou jia is also immersed in the whirlpool of controversy because of him.At that time nannan and Yue Yue are toward the direction of puberty ignorant development, Luo Shibin suddenly jumped out, more this shouldn’t have feelings added dry chai agni……..All this, all in the zhou Bingkun and Luo Shibin that appear human cost of conflict and end!Zhou Nan goes to a foreign country…Unexpectedly never come back…….!(Losing her beloved yue Yue, she completely gave up her dignity and love, threw herself into the embrace of material wealth, and exchanged her beautiful young body for the original capital to start a business. Since then, she and her parents have become strangers!)This series of plot look down, let people feel quite deep!I wanted to say something, but I couldn’t.Finally, with the increase of experience, I slowly began to let go of a lot of things I didn’t understand before and emotions I couldn’t let go of. This is cause and effect!(What is done, must be suffered.)After understanding the hardships of life, I still have a good ability to resist pressure and the courage to move forward!Think, this is also a part of the reality that the author wants us to comprehend, right?