Such as tiger Tim billion!The steel industry raked in $424.1 billion!Profit ranking of 30 steel enterprises

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According to the National Bureau of Statistics, from January to December 2021, ferrous metal smelting and rolling processing industry achieved operating revenue of 9,666.23 billion yuan, up 32.2% year on year;Operating cost 8,849.81 billion yuan, up 31.0% year on year;Total profits reached 424.09 billion yuan, up 75.5% year on year.Partial screenshots, source: Branch office of National Bureau of StatisticsChina Baowu Over 53.5 billion yuan, Angang Group over 30 billion yuan, Baosteel 23.58 billion to 23.98 billion yuan, Valin Group profit of 15 billion yuan, Baotou Steel group profit of 10.266 billion yuan, Tisco over 10 billion yuan, Masteel over 10 billion yuan, Baowu Resources over 10 billion yuan, Valin Steel 9.5-9.9 billion yuan, Jianlong Group 8.362 billion yuanXinte Steel 7.95 billion yuan Ansteel 7.04 billion yuan Jiusteel Group 5.6 billion yuan Xinsteel 4.05 billion yuan -4.5 billion yuan Hangzhou Steel Group 4.051 billion yuan Minguang 4.016 billion yuan He Steel 2.55 billion yuan -2.89 billion yuan Baotou Steel over 2.4 billion yuan Hangzhou Steel 1.669 billion yuan Jiusteel Hongxing 1.639 billion yuan Panzhihua Vanadium titanium 12.80Bayi Iron and Steel 1.038 billion yuan to 1.321 billion yuan Shandong Iron and Steel 1.083 billion yuan 1.233 billion yuan Shagang shares 900 million yuan to 1.215 billion yuan Anyang Steel 900-1.2 billion yuan Yongxing Materials 872 million yuan to 924 million yuan Ling Steel shares 918 million yuan Fushun Special Steel 728 million yuan to 815 million yuan YongjinShares of 575 million yuan to 615 million yuan Xining Special Steel loss of 470 million yuan source: Statistics Bureau, Tyco Steel editing