New Year go grassroots | “small garden” from “the people’s livelihood”

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“Dad, I just went to the street to buy meat and fish back, mother said that there is no need to buy vegetables this year, our own garden, please take me to see our garden, by the way, pick some vegetables, today we will make a sumptuous dinner.On the 29th afternoon of the 12th lunar month, Fan Wenshan bought meat from the street and returned home. She took her father Fan Jiahai with her to their vegetable patch.Fan jiahai’s garden is less than a kilometer away from the river where he lives.Father and daughter were three or five minutes’ walk from their house, carrying a small vegetable basket.”You see, that piece of buckwheat with radish, cabbage, garlic and buckwheat heads is growing very well. It is our garden.”Fan jiahai is proud and satisfied to see the vegetables he planted three months ago grow well.”Not bad. Give dad a thumbs up. This year we can have home-grown farm food for Chinese New Year.”She went into the garden and pulled up a large white radish and put it in the basket.In the garden, father and daughter each other, full of laughter, is very warm.After picking vegetables and washing vegetables by the river, Fan Jiahai talked with his daughter about the origin of this small vegetable garden.Fan Jiahai family is xingguo County Jie village township had tian village base pile group out of poverty.His hometown is located in a remote mountainous area, with high mountains and dangerous roads, inconvenient transportation, more mountains and less land, and poor production and living conditions.In 2017, with the help of the national poverty relief relocation policy, Fan Jiahai’s family moved into a new building located near wei Town, and their living conditions such as employment, medical treatment and schooling have been greatly improved.In the overall promotion of the relocation of follow-up support work, through research visits and extensive soliciting of opinions and suggestions, Jie village Party Committee, the government understand – moving households are generally a garden complex, hope to have a small garden, can eat their own kind of farm food.A small garden is a great livelihood.In 2021, Jiecun village will transfer nearly 20 mu of land near the settlement site, of which 17 mu will be contracted to large farmers, and the proceeds will be used for the public welfare expenses of the settlement site. The remaining 3 mu will be rented free to 39 relocated families to build a small vegetable garden.The construction of a small vegetable garden is not only an important measure to implement the follow-up assistance for the relocation of poor people, but also to meet the actual needs of the resettlement households, so that the masses can eat “free” fresh vegetables and ensure the “vegetable basket”.”Never forget the man who dug the well when drinking water, and never forget the Communist Party when lifting out of poverty.Wen Shan, just now you said to give dad a thumbs-up. Actually, what we should give a thumbs-up is the care and help from the Party and the government.”After washing the food, Fan Jiahai straightened up, father and daughter side by side on the way home.Source: Gannan Daily