More effective protection of Rights and Interests The People’s Daily paid attention to the lianhu District Court’s solution to the people’s urgent problems

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On February 15, People’s Daily published an article titled “It is not difficult to let the masses handle things without being annoyed”. In the article, “The protection of rights and interests is more powerful, and the police do not give up to warm our hearts”, which reported that the Lianhu District Court relied on the implementation linkage mechanism to protect the rights and interests of migrant workers and solve the specific problems of the masses.To improve the system of political, judicial and public services, we must start with the people in the most difficult situation, start with the most prominent problems, and proceed from the most realistic interests, and effectively solve the difficulties at the community level and the worries of the people.Since 2021, local procuratory-law organs have adopted a series of measures to make life easier for the people and solve specific problems that people are anxious about.Also look to the long-term, systematic planning, improve the system and mechanism, the practical details for the private implementation.”The police do not give up, warm my heart” “more than 6 years, I did not expect to recover the money!”Across the screen, a smile spread across Shi Yao’s face.Nine migrant workers, including Shi Yao Quan, verified the information via video link in a conference room at the Lianhu District People’s Court in Xi ‘an, Shaanxi Province, and received 38,000 yuan of execution money as expected.”Heart stone finally fell to the ground, police do not give up, warm our heart!””He said gratefully.A few years ago, Shi Yao Quan and other nine migrant workers in Shaanxi Province pucheng county as a steel worker.At that time, the contractor Wang was listed as an executor because of arrears in labor payments, but has been evading execution.”Everyone is waiting for the money to go home for Chinese New Year, but there is no result.”Shi Yao Quan was very depressed at that time.Carry out police to look for Wang mou in many ways, all have nothing.At 6 o ‘clock on September 26, 2021, the Lianhu District Court received information from the superior: the subject Wang entered a hotel in Gaoling District.’He mustn’t get away again!Liu Hailiang, deputy director of the Executive bureau of the Lianhu District Court, and six policemen set out quickly, and contacted the Executive Bureau of the Xi ‘an Intermediate People’s Court to coordinate manpower.All the way heavy rain, dense raindrops hit the window, the policemen were very anxious, in gaoling District people’s Court police with the assistance, the execution was controlled, Liu Hailiang hung the heart put down.After several twists and turns, the executive police asked all the contact information of migrant workers, one by one to return the execution.The successful settlement of a difficult case benefited from the implementation linkage mechanism implemented by Shaanxi High People’s Court in the whole province.The command center of the Executive Board of Shaanxi High People’s Court has established a joint execution information sharing platform with 43 departments including public security. Once the early warning information of the subject is found, courts at all levels and joint departments can respond quickly.It is understood that since last year, Shaanxi High Court in the province to carry out the “Three Qin Hurricane ·2021 I do practical things for the masses” special action, “for farmers to do practical work warm salary action” and other series of actions, on the wages of rural migrant workers comprehensive investigation, priority filing, priority hearing, priority execution.”We have made full use of the enforcement linkage mechanism to make migrant workers fully feel the temperature of justice.”Shaanxi high court executive Board executive chief chang Baotang said.”I hope one day I can go to ‘see’ a movie on my own.”Wang qi told reporters his wish when he met him in Nanguan District, Changchun city, Jilin Province.Wang Qi, 52, a former soldier who was blinded by an injury, listened to movies as a way to relax and learn about the world.But this small hobby, for Wang Qi, it is not so easy to achieve.Disorderly parking, piles of debris, blocked roads, brick protrusion is not obvious…”As soon as I went out, the surroundings were so busy that I was leaning on a walking stick, but I didn’t know where to go.”Talking about past encounters, Wang Qi has some helplessness.In early September 2021, a call from the local Disabled Persons’ Federation gave Wang hope: Prosecutors in Jilin Province were conducting special supervision of public interest litigation on barrier-free environment construction.Through the procuratorial service hotline, Wang qi reported to the Changchun People’s Procuratorate that it is difficult to follow a blind path.”My complaint was quickly answered, my blind road was fixed and I had no trouble going out.”Wang Qi could hardly hide his joy.Recently, prosecutors in Jilin Province have included blind paths into the focus of public interest litigation, and have continuously extended this to promote comprehensive treatment of barrier-free environment.In September 2021, police from the public interest litigation department of the Nanguan District People’s Procuratorate found 11 problems in five streets, including blind roads that were occupied and unreasonable in design.The Nanguan District Procuratorate organized a hearing attended by representatives from the Urban Construction Bureau, the Disabled Persons’ Federation and the People’s Supervisor. The public procurators presented videos, photos and other evidence, clarified the responsibilities of relevant units, and made procuratorial suggestions.In less than two months, all 11 problems have been rectified.While promoting the improvement of blind roads, jilin Provincial procuratorial organs focus on monitoring the main roads and residential areas of the city in view of the practical difficulties of the disabled and the elderly.Up to now, we have inspected more than 300 public interest litigation sites for barrier-free environment construction, put 41 cases on file, and issued 27 procuratorial suggestions before the lawsuit, with the correction rate reaching 100%.”Based on our public interest litigation function, we will promote the integration of modern technology into the construction of barrier-free facilities, and effectively solve difficult problems and do practical things for the people.”Said Liu Hongyu, director of the eighth procuratorial Department of jilin Provincial People’s Procuratorate.”New driver’s license at your door.” “Please identify which direction the voice is coming from.”The prompt sound sounded in her ears, and Ms. Zhang selected “right” on the screen button below…A citizen surnamed Zhang is changing her driving license through a self-service physical examination machine at the Jinhua Park Traffic Management service station in Guanshanhu District, Guiyang city, Guizhou Province.It took less than 5 minutes from information entry to six tests, including vision, hearing, color discrimination and trunk detection.After paying the 20 yuan physical examination fee, Ms. Zhang stepped out of the self-service physical examination machine.The staff of the traffic management service station informed that the background had received her physical examination report and would immediately replace her driving license.”It’s so convenient to get a new license right on your doorstep.”Ms. Zhang put her new driver’s license into her bag and said with a smile that the most troublesome thing to change a driver’s license was to run to the hospital for a physical examination, and then run to the DMV after the physical examination. It would take a day to go back and forth.In order to facilitate people to apply for the replacement of driving licenses, the Traffic Management Bureau of the Public Security Department of Guizhou province has set up self-service traffic management terminals in communities, shopping malls, hotels and other places with large population density.At present, the province has installed self-service physical examination machines, self-service certification machines and other equipment 139.Around 5:50 p.m., guiyang Public Security Traffic Management Bureau vehicle management office comprehensive business hall ushered in the last of the day the masses Ms. Bai.Ms. Bai’s driver’s license needs to be moved to Guizhou. She thought that the DMV would get off work at 5:00 p.m., but she could not catch up with the past after work, so she delayed.”I came by today. I didn’t expect to be able to do business after work.”Ms. White said.It is understood that the Guizhou Provincial Public Security Bureau traffic Bureau requires the city and county DMV to provide overtime service on weekends and holidays, and delay service on weekdays.”After normal work hours, we will arrange staff on duty until 6 PM to provide more convenience for people to handle business.”Guiyang public Security traffic management bureau police Ren Jianhua said.More efficient mediation of disputes “Treat the aid recipients as family members” “Raise 4 children, but they don’t want to give me 200 yuan of alimony every month.”Wang Zhongyou, 81, sought help at the Wenjiang District Legal Aid Center in Chengdu, Sichuan Province.It turned out that only the youngest son was willing to take care of the elderly.Hearing the old man’s appeal, Wang Yuchao, a lawyer from the Wenjiang District Legal Aid Center, helped the old man bring his family together to mediate the dispute.”The center will help the elderly to do a capacity test, make a will, do a notary, the elderly’s savings and property will be left to their supporters, we must first share the rights and obligations clearly.”A few children listened to, then promised to settle alimony, never default in the future.To provide legal aid and help solve disputes, Wang Yuchao feels that his work can really help the people, and he has a great sense of accomplishment.Not long ago, the reporter followed Wang Yuchao in wenjiang District People’s Court Tianfu People’s Court experienced a trial.The old man, whose wages were in arrears, was nervous when he appeared in court and did not state the case clearly. The judge had to interrupt him several times for confirmation.”Don’t panic, I’m here.”Wang Yuchao put his hand on the old man’s shoulder and comforted him patiently. The old man gradually calmed down.Due to the simplicity of the case and the sufficient evidence provided by Wang Yuchao, the court ruled that the defendant company should pay Dai Shuxiang RMB 23,479 labor fees from June to September 2021 within 5 days.In wenjiang District legal Aid Center, Wang Yuchao is trusted by everyone.After his retirement from the army, he served in the notary office, the judicial office and the legal aid Centre for more than 20 years.With diligence and eagerness to learn, Wang Yuchao passed the National Unified Legal Professional qualification examination by himself in 2018 and became a legal aid lawyer.Talking about his work experience, Wang Yuchao always said: “No matter what the case is, we should always treat the victims as family members.”Since 2021, the Department of Justice of Sichuan province has organized and carried out a project to “warm the hearts of the People” with legal aid.Up to now, Wang Yuchao has received more than 630 people, and his office is covered with banners and awards.”I’ll feel better if the dispute is settled as soon as possible.”Wang yuchao said.In Huainan City, Anhui Province, an electric motorcycle collided with a bicycle at the intersection of Uyouxin Village, Bijiagang Street, Uyouxin Community, Bagong District, the two sides involved in the emotional dispute.This one scene, just by the daily patrol of the grid member Chen Meng found.He immediately stepped forward to understand the situation, and contact “neighborhood help group” member Xu Yongping.Afterwards, two people together suggest that both sides first move the vehicle to a safe place to park, and then proceed to the next step.A bitter persuasion, both sides finally shake hands and make peace.In recent years, Huainan’s political and legal organs have insisted on sinking the police force into the grid, taking the grid as a basic platform for political and legal organs to deepen exchanges with the masses, improve services and respond to concerns, and carrying out “whistle-blowing activities for the community grid and reporting activities for political and legal officers”.Huainan Municipal Standing Committee, political and Legal Committee secretary Wen Jianbao said: “Grid police give full play to professional advantages, zero distance collection of social conditions and public opinion, for the masses to send police, send law, send services to the grid.”In the grid activity, huainan’s political and legal authorities sent 75,000 policemen, visited more than 390,000 people, and collected more than 1,300 opinions and suggestions from the public on political and legal work.In response to the people’s urgent needs, the government has launched six major services in a timely manner, including “110 Police reception and handling pilot reform”, “lawyers’ online examination papers”, “notarization for special groups”, “grass-roots whistle-blowing, police reporting”.”We have carried out community grid whistle-blowing activities, and political and judicial police ‘reporting for duty’ activities, which have provided the last meter of public service and improved the level of refinement of community-level governance.””Wen jianbao said.Since 2021, huainan’s political and legal organs have handled 2,557 cases of door-to-door services for the people, solved 9,329 problems and appeals of the people, and introduced 254 measures to make them more convenient and benefit the people.Source: People’s Daily