Ministry of Education latest notice!It concerns all middle school students

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General office of the Ministry of Education has issued “notice about to test the proposition 2022, asked around to earnestly implement the provisions of the compulsory education curriculum standard proposition requirements, shall not exceed the proposition and random expansion, reduce exam content range, it is strictly prohibited to high school curriculum content, subject competition and external training content as exam content.At the same time, it is required to actively promote the unification of provincial propositions, strengthen the political examination of examination questions, set the difficulty of examination papers scientifically, carefully select the personnel who set the propositions, and standardize the management of the propositions.Education Departments of All Provinces, Autonomous Regions and Municipalities directly under the Central Government (Education Commission), Education Bureau of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps:In recent years, local governments have thoroughly implemented the spirit of the Opinions of the CPC Central Committee and The State Council on Deepening Education and Teaching Reform and Comprehensively Improving the Quality of Compulsory Education, earnestly implemented the deployment of the Opinions of the Ministry of Education on Strengthening the Work of Setting questions for the Middle School Academic Proficiency Examination, and continuously strengthened and improved the work of setting questions for the middle school entrance examination, and steadily improved the quality of setting questions.At the same time, from the situation of tracking the assessment of the propositions of the middle school entrance examination, some places still exist questions beyond the standard, the difficulty of the paper is unreasonable, and the proportion of the memory questions is higher.2022 will usher in the first high school entrance examination after the implementation of the “double reduction” policy, to do a good job in the 2022 high school entrance examination is of great significance to guide the deepening of compulsory education reform, promote the reduction of burden and quality, and consolidate the achievements of the “double reduction”.In order to further complete the proposition work of the 2022 high school entrance examination, the relevant matters are hereby notified as follows.First, actively promote the proposition of provincial-level unification.The provinces that have not yet implemented the unified proposition at the provincial level, especially those that have problems such as imperfect proposition management, insufficient condition guarantee, insufficient number of proposition personnel and low quality of proposition, should actively create conditions to achieve the unified proposition at the provincial level by 2022 and ensure the quality of proposition.Provinces that do not have the necessary conditions should study and put forward a work plan for accelerating the implementation of the unified test at the provincial level, specify a timetable and road map, and realize the unified test at the provincial level by 2024.Second, strengthen the political examination of examination questions.All regions should fully implement the Party’s educational policy, guide schools to develop quality-oriented education in an all-round way, and guide students to establish a correct world outlook, outlook on life and values in the work of setting up propositions for the high school entrance examination.To establish a test question political censorship, strengthen the interdisciplinary especially Chinese, morality and the rule of law, history, geography and other disciplines questions of political censorship, key review questions the value orientation of select material and material use rigor, put an end to a flag the national emblem design using non-standard, national map format is not complete, do not respect the customs and religions,Make sure the questions are politically correct.Three, strictly according to the curriculum standard proposition.Around to earnestly implement the provisions of the compulsory education curriculum standard proposition, resolutely cancel the junior high school level exam outline or test specification, they shall not exceed the proposition and random expansion, reduce exam content range, it is strictly prohibited to high school curriculum content, subject contest and off-campus training content as exam content, to ensure that in accordance with the standard proposition, teaching-examination cohesion.Four, scientific setting test paper difficulty.In accordance with the functional positioning of “integrating two examinations” and “taking into account both graduation and admission”, all localities should further put forward standardized requirements on the length, capacity and difficulty of examination papers in relevant disciplines, and set up the difficulty of examination papers scientifically and rationally, so as to prevent the difficulty of examination papers from increasing students’ academic burden, and avoid the difficulty of examination papers from being too easy to reflect the degree of differentiation.According to the characteristics of different subjects, we should set up the structure of examination papers reasonably, reduce the memorization of examination papers, increase the exploration, openness and comprehensive examination papers, resolutely prevent the eccentric questions, and promote the effective examination of students’ comprehensive quality.Five, carefully select the proposition staff.In accordance with the requirements of political firmness, sufficient quantity, reasonable structure and excellent professional skills, all regions should carefully select personnel for subject proposition, and ensure that the basic requirements of “no less than 5 people (including at least 2 examination examiners) for each subject proposition group” stipulated by the state are met.The thesis staff should mainly be excellent teaching and research staff and backbone teachers in junior and senior high schools, and actively recruit qualified professionals from institutions of higher learning, scientific research institutions and other relevant institutions.It is strictly prohibited to participate in the preparation of examination guidance materials and off-campus training activities.Sixth, standardizing the proposition management of the high school entrance examination.All localities should further establish and improve the rules and regulations for the management of proposition, strictly standardize the procedure for proposition, perfect the relevant conditions, and strengthen security and confidentiality to ensure the smooth development of proposition work.It is necessary to strengthen the training of proposition personnel, tighten the work discipline, sign the confidentiality responsibility letter, and clarify the responsibility of proposition work.We should insist on the separation of the examiners from the examiners, and strengthen the examination papers’ political, scientific, technical, procedural and interdisciplinary examination.It is necessary to do a good job in marking papers, establish a subjective examination paper “multiple evaluation” system and examination paper sampling review system to ensure the quality and fairness of marking papers.Around, elaborate organization, more attention must be paid to careful deployment, combined with the Ministry of Education examination proposition 2021 evaluation result feedback, thorough screening examination proposition local work weak link, strengthen overall thesis work, to ensure the quality of examination proposition 2022, to further consolidate to raise the level of “ShuangJian” work, promote the development of basic education quality.Source: Ministry of Education website editor, first review: Geng Yue Review: Sun Hongshun Supervisor: Dou Huisheng